How to Safely and Effectively Tan

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Blog, Skin Cancer

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Tanning has always been something everyone looks forward to in the summer. However, before you head to the beach and get right to tanning, there are risks and precautions you need to know.


Statistics show that over 9,000 people die from melanoma every year in the US.Those who experience 5 or more sunburns double the risk of getting skin cancer over their lifetime. 


If you are suspicious of a mole, check with a dermatologist before you make decisions on how to tan safely.


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We understand that you are probably annoyed of hearing the word “sunscreen” in almost every beauty post, but trust us. Sun damage has been one of the leading causes of aging, cancer, dryness, and overall damage to your skin cells. When it comes to tanning, knowing how to apply and use the right sunscreen will help you get the safest tan.


Applying a SPF 30+ sunscreen will allow the skin to get lightly tanned while still allowing protection from UV exposure.  Reapplying your sunscreen every one to two hours is extremely important to be fully protected. While people often argue that  sunscreen will only inhibit you from getting darker. However, it’s better to be patient for the gradual progress than risking skin cancer.


Make sure to confirm with a dermatologist about your skin concerns before tanning.  


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Fake Tanners


Melanin is what allows our skin to adapt to sun exposure. People who have darker skin have more melanin which allows their skin to get more tanned when they are exposed to the sun. However, those with lighter skin have less melanin, meaning that they usually experience sunburns instead.


For those who are  “impossible” to get a tan, fake tanners are the most optimal and safest solution. By skipping the process of bathing under the sun, you can keep your skin protected while still achieving a healthy, yet effective tan. However, fake tanners usually do not carry any SPF in their products, so applying sunscreen is a must.


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Skip the Tanning Beds


There is no question that  tanning beds are not safe for your skin. Just because you are not experiencing any sunburns from your experience, it does not mean it is a safer option for you. Tanning beds utilize a special light bulb that emits off concentrated UV rays onto your skin, which highly damages your skin cells. Statistics show that those who use tanning beds before the age of 35 increases the risk of melanoma by 59% by each use. Therefore, in order to tan safely and effectively, it’s highly recommended to ditch the indoor tanning beds.


Tanning can be a fun and exciting activity with your friends and family over the summer. However, it’s extremely vital to know how to do it effectively and safely to reduce the chances of getting skin cancer. If you are suspicious of a specific area of your skin and are considering of getting a tan, ask a board certified dermatologist today.


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