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profile3“Rather than dealing with the hassles of seeing a doc in person, I went the app route. The results were…surprising. I think the entire “visit” took about 5 minutes.”

by Rick Broida, CNET. Read the full story here.

profile3“Your only real option up until now has been to wait it out, hope it goes away or schedule a doctor’s visit if it seems bad. Submit it to a team of board certified dermatologists.”

by Sunshine Dad. Read the full story here.

profile3“So, is the service useful? In our case, as hovering parents, sure! For a patient who thinks they may have basal cell carcinoma and needs a quick opinion of whether to see a Dr, absolutely! “

by Rick Broida, Healthcare Interoperability. Read the full story here.

profile3Fast and Accurate Answer! – I used First Derm when I had a rash and didn’t have time to visit the doctor’s office.

I received an answer within a few hours with a fast and accurate answer and a over the counter medicine recommendation.

I will continue to use First Derm in the future! 

profile3Great App! Way cheaper and faster than a dermatologist. Definitely try this before paying to go to a doctor and waiting forever. 

profile3Fantastic app Incredibly useful app, saved me a trip to the doctor and sorted out my skin problem all from the convenience of home. 

profileSaved me a lot of worry about my rash. First Derm is worth the $25 for the peace of mind. 

profileQuick and easy to use service, really helpful and fast! Would highly recommend. 

profileBad rash Great stuff, after the Barcelona beach time I got a weird rash from the water. Great advice in English, I could visit the pharmacy and got the right remedy. 

profileGreat app for camping! I was on an extended hiking/camping trip and got a strange rash on my foot. Firstderm gave me an answer within 24hours and ensured me i had nothing to worry about. 

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