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“Rather than dealing with the hassles of seeing a doc in person, I went the app route. The results were…surprising. I think the entire “visit” took about 5 minutes.”

Rick Broida

Writer, CNET's Cheapskate blog

“So, is the service useful? In our case, as hovering parents, sure! For a patient who thinks they may have basal cell carcinoma and needs a quick opinion of whether to see a Dr, absolutely! ”

Colin Rhodes

Healthcare Interoperability

Great App! Way cheaper and faster than a dermatologist. Definitely try this before paying to go to a doctor and waiting forever.

Seth Berg

Google Play Store

Fantastic app Incredibly useful app, saved me a trip to the doctor and sorted out my skin problem all from the convenience of home.

Francis Wong

Google Play Store

Saved me a lot of worry about my rash. First Derm is worth the $25 for the peace of mind.

Android User

Google Play Store

I was beyond delighted with First Derm. I had first used it in December of 2016, and went back again for an unrelated issue this past week.  Both times the diagnosis and treatment suggestions were “spot on”, as well as giving me almost immediate peace of mind without waiting for a week or two to get in to see my regular doctor.


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“Your only real option up until now has been to wait it out, hope it goes away or schedule a doctor’s visit if it seems bad. Submit it to a team of board certified dermatologists.”

Sunshine Dad


Fast and Accurate Answer! – I used First Derm when I had a rash and didn’t have time to visit the doctor’s office.

I received an answer within a few hours with a fast and accurate answer and a over the counter medicine recommendation.

I will continue to use First Derm in the future!

iPhone User

Apple App Store

Quick and easy to use service, really helpful and fast! Would highly recommend.

iPhone User

Apple App Store

Bad rash Great stuff, after the Barcelona beach time I got a weird rash from the water. Great advice in English, I could visit the pharmacy and got the right remedy.

Android User

Google Play Store

Great app for camping! I was on an extended hiking/camping trip and got a strange rash on my foot. Firstderm gave me an answer within 24hours and ensured me i had nothing to worry about.

James Ovens

Google Play Store

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