First Derm Partner Revenue Sharing Program

Make money and provide your users with on-demand skin evaluation from dermatologists.

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Partner With Us: Diversify Your Services and Reach

Ideal for pharmacies, primary care providers, and health websites, this partnership offers a unique opportunity to enhance your customer or patient experience and grow your digital presence.

Pharmacy partners

Enhance your pharmacy’s value by offering easy access to expert dermatological advice.

Primary Care Partners

Complement your primary care offerings with specialized dermatology consultations for your patients.

Health Website Partners

Drive engagement and offer your readers valuable dermatology insights directly through your platform.

Benefits of becoming a First Derm affiliate


Earn commission on each First Derm™ case directed from your site.


Increase user engagement and time on your site. With no setup cost.


No maintenance, set up time or risk. Simply embed the First Derm module and start earning money.

Why Partner with First Derm?

Partnering with First Derm means more than just added revenue – it’s about enriching your content and providing your audience with expert dermatology consultations. As a leading online dermatology service, we offer a unique opportunity for health-focused websites, medical bloggers, and healthcare professionals to engage their audience and generate additional income.

Become a part of our network and start benefiting today. Simply send an email to

How It Works

Joining the First Derm Partner Revenue Sharing Program is straightforward and rewarding. Here’s how you can easily participate and start benefiting:

I. Easy Integration

Embed our referral links in your content.

II. Earn $8 per Paid Consultation

Receive a fixed amount for every user who books and pays for a consultation through your site.

III. Regular Payments and Reporting

Stay updated with transparent reporting and timely payments.

Revenue Sharing Program FAQs 

What is the First Derm Partner Revenue Sharing Program?

This program allows partners to earn revenue by referring customers to First Derm’s online dermatology consultations. For each paid consultation referred from your site, you earn a fixed commission.

How much can I earn per referral?

Partners earn $8 for every paid consultation that is booked through their referral link.

How will I track my referrals and earnings?

First Derm will provide you with performance data for your specific landing page. This information, sourced from our proprietary tracking tools, will include insights on referrals, conversions, and earnings.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

No, there is no cap on earnings. The more successful referrals you make, the more you earn.

Ready to Join?

Become a part of our network and start benefiting today. Simply send an email to

The team at First Derm will guide you through the next steps, ensuring a smooth and successful partnership setup.

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