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The average wait to see a dermatologist in the US is 32 days. Ask our dermatologists for peace of mind in just hours.

Skin problems are very common with children. Our dermatologists will give you the information you need for next steps and peace of mind as a parent.

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Below you can read what some of our users thought was great about the service.

“Rather than dealing with the hassles of seeing a doc in person, I went the app route. The results were…surprising. I think the entire “visit” took about 5 minutes.”

Rick Broida

Writer, CNET's Cheapskate blog

“Your only real option up until now has been to wait it out, hope it goes away or schedule a doctor’s visit if it seems bad. Submit it to a team of board certified dermatologists.”

Sunshine Dad


“So, is the service useful? In our case, as hovering parents, sure! For a patient who thinks they may have basal cell carcinoma and needs a quick opinion of whether to see a Dr, absolutely! ”

Colin Rhodes

Healthcare Interoperability

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First Derm is available wherever you are. Your case will be answered by a top board-certified dermatologist in your area. Together the dermatology team speaks 6 languages and has helped users from 160 countries. Meet a few of them here.

Dr. John Paoli
Online Dermatologist

Dr. Camila Hörfelt
Online Dermatologist

Dr. Brian Matthys
Online Dermatologist

Dr. Vicky Jolliffe
Online Dermatologist


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With First Derm you get an answer within 24 hours. The average is 29 days.

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Asking a First Derm dermatologist starts at $29.95, compared to the average of $120.

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