The Mission

Our Vision

Our mission is to increase the availability of expert skin information. Our service breaks down the barriers between you and quick, trustworthy dermatology. With our app or website we connect you to a dermatologist in under 24 hours who will give you information about your skin problem. We put a dermatologist in your pocket.

Our Story

The demands on public healthcare increase as populations age. At the same time, higher quality care can be made possible through medical and technological innovation with smartphones.

Mobile solutions, called “mHealth”, bring about new possibilities for the individual to access healthcare services. In the US and EU, mHeath is beginning to change the healthcare landscape for the better. First Derm’s accessible, safe, and effective platform is at the forefront of the mHealth revolution.

Our board-certified dermatologists give accurate information regarding the possible identity of your problem, the possible treatment options to consider, and if or when you should see your doctor in person. The service should not be considered as a substitute to your in-person doctor visit, but rather as a high quality information service from experts, which serves as a complement to existing healthcare information and healthcare providers.

Who uses our service?

Anyone with an internet connection and a camera can use our service! With a web portal and iPhone app, First Derm acts as your mobile online dermatologist. We have had over 50,000 cases submitted from all over the world from countries such as Sweden, Chile, China, Australia, and Ghana. Our youngest users have been 3 days old and the oldest at 93 years old. Our dermatologists have seen hundreds of different skin conditions, from eczema to malignant melanomas. We are ready to give anyone the advice they need about their skin.

From over 50,000 reviewed cases, about 70% can self-treat with an over-the-counter product. 30% of First Derm cases are more severe and require a doctor’s visit for further tests, diagnosis, and treatment.

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