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‘Post-Sex Pill’ for STDs Shows Potential in Reducing Infections

Discover how a post-sex pill for STDs can reduce the risk of bacterial infections by up to 90%. Read the latest research and implications of this breakthrough solution

Online skin cancer screening: Triage tool for the early detection of skin cancers

Using First Derm for the early detection of skin cancers can significantly enhance your chances of a successful treatment

Online skin cancer screening: How it works and what to expect

Learn how online skin cancer screening works and why it is important for early diagnosis and treatment. Find out the benefits and limitations of online platforms and what to expect from the results

Breast rashes: A symptom of cancer or something else

Learn how to distinguish breast rashes from breast cancer rashes and causes, types & treatments for it

How Psoriasis Affects Women

How Psoriasis Affects Women

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that affects men and women differently. Learn how psoriasis impacts women’s quality of life, mental health, relationships, and family planning. Find out how to manage psoriasis symptoms and prevent complications.

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