US Government Backs Telehealth

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Blog, Research, skincare


Government Encourages Telehealth During Coronavirus Crisis

As we enter a new phase of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) steps are being taken to maintain a steady number of patients in hospitals. The largest threat to our health at this stage is the overwhelming pressure on our health services. If we can lighten that load then we have more chance of protecting those at high risk.

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Why Telehealth?


We have touched on this in several articles if you’re looking for more details on telemedicine. However, as mentioned earlier, it is vital we try to stem the spread of Coronavirus. Based on the current mortality rates it is unlikely to affect younger generations. In fact many could suffer mild symptoms and in some cases could be asymptomatic. Research is understandably limited at this stage but we know that those at high risk are:


  • Older People
  • People with underlying health conditions (respiratory, heart disease etc.)
  • Medical Staff and Workers


As declared by the EU in recent studies, there is a serious concern that 4 – 17 (more than half) EU countries would be at high risk of full capacity in their intensive care units due to the Coronavirus. This is based on scenarios such as China and the Italian Lombardy region, which has recorded 18 cases per 100,000.


If the scenario was to get as bad as Hubei province which experienced 100 hospitalised patients per 100,000 people. This would put all 28 countries at risk of being over capacity based on the current numbers.


After, the EU comes the US where cases are beginning to rise daily and it is vital that we try to spread out the number of infected people at any one time in order to prevent the virus overwhelming our health workers.

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Telehealth Is The Solution


One of the clear ways we can help reduce the stress is through telehealth. In Masacheusettes, Governor Charlie Baker has mandated that insurance companies cover any accrued costs from telehealth services. Marylou Sudders who heads the states coronavirus command center stated that


“By enabling patients to remain at home, rapid treatment delivery can be provided. We can adhere to social distancing protocols, we can optimize efficiency, and conserve resources.”


The advice makes perfect sense and is something we should all try to adhere to. Should we need medical care, it is worth opting for an online service to relieve pressure and of course prevent infection.

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Telehealth – Online Dermatology


Here at First Derm, we specialise in online dermatology. Our services can be used to treat any skin disease at any time. Most can be treated over the counter and since pharmacies will be open during quarantine this is the best way to maintain your health from home.


The reason we recommend our dermatology services is that many patients suffering from skin conditions also tend to be high-risk older patients. For these patients, speaking to a doctor or dermatologist online is a great way to avoid public places and hospitals (where chance of infection is higher). Not only can you test our artificial intelligence for an instant answer you can also speak to board-certified dermatologists within 8 hours of submitting an image.


We would also like to mention that any dermatologists who are suffering at this stage are free to use and integrate our service into their practice. We are here to help our fellow medical professionals. If you need to prevent patients from coming into the hospital then your patients can use our service securely and safely. You can then monitor their images on the other side along with our team of dermatologists.

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