CDC Reports 1 in 10 Pregnant Women with Zika Having a Fetus or Baby with Birth Defects

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Of the 250 pregnant women who had confirmed Zika infection in 2016, 1 in 10 of them had a fetus or baby with Zika-related birth defects, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That’s why we gathered all our past blogposts about Zika virus for you to learn all about this new epidemic.

Research Predicts High Zika Transmission Risk in Mississippi Delta

zika virus transmission study saint louis university

In an online article of the American Journal of Public Health, Saint Louis University researchers studied 3,108 counties in the US and determined 507 “high risk” areas for Zika transmission. While the researchers puts the bulls-eye of Zika transmission on the Mississippi Delta, they are also concerned about places with high rates of sexually transmitted diseases (e.g. gonorrhea and chlamydia), like the city of St. Louis and St. Clair County Illinois.

What to know about the Zika virus on your trip to Brazil

Olympics 2016 Brazil Zika Virus

In 2016, 380,000 foreign visitors were expected to visit Rio for the Olympics, and about 500,000 total attendees were expected to be present at the games. Many travelers were concerned about whether the Zika virus posed a threat to them during their trip to Brazil.

What is Zika Rash?

First Derm Zika Virus Rash (1) ICD-10-A92.8

Before 2007, viral circulation and a few outbreaks were documented in tropical Africa and in some areas in Southeast Asia. Today, there are travel-related cases of Zika infection in Florida, Arkansas, California, Virginia, Minnesota, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, and New York. However, severe disease requiring hospitalization is uncommon and case fatality is low.

Babies Exposed to Zika Virus in 1st Trimester More Likely to Have Birth Defects, Study Says
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