Almirall Backs Autoderm In The AI Technology Race

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Almirall, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blog, News

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Picture courtesy of Almirall: The AI AUTODERM API by First Derm was selected as a partner in the Digital Garden Health hub


Almirall Enter the AI Technology Race

AI technology is becoming a hot topic as the complexity and accuracy of recent studies has found a genuine opportunity for change within the health and dermatology industry. This has lead to serious interest from pharmaceutical companies such as Almirall as they look to jump on the AI train before it leaves the station!

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How does skincare AI work?

Without boring you with the details, AI uses a complex visual system to identify lesions and spots on the skin. Using complex architecture this image is then cross-referenced and matched with previously diagnosed skin diseases to ascertain an accurate result on what that spot, mole or rash on your skin might be.

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What does this mean for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Technology is now an everyday part of our lives and clients, customers and patients are all the more familiar with its advantages when trying to achieve just about anything in our day to day lives. As we become more accepting of technology we also become more receptive to new concepts and opportunities that hold technology as the central focus. Due to this shift in mind-set, Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly important topic in health care.

By using AI to test for skin diseases we’re able to understand so much more about the human skin, such as which skin diseases are most common and where in the world they appear with more accurate levels than ever before. Not only does this help companies such as Almirall when developing treatments for specific regions, it also helps us understand our world, where to best supply specific medicines and even the world’s climate – our skin is a sensitive organ that can tell us much about the air quality, lifestyle and environment that we exist in.

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Almirall Supports AI Technology

Where do Almirall fit into this? In their quest to advance health care technology that would clearly shape our world. Almirall have recently organised an accelerator program and have backed Autoderm® in developing their AI technology. With Almirall’s clear commitment to the largest dermatology AI database in the world, Almirall are moving fast to secure their place in the emerging digital health market.

This technology can be used to recommend products to users based on their results, a triage solution for GP’s who may not be as accurate as AI and a useful tool to better understand the needs of each specific region by gender and age.

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What is Autoderm?

Autoderm is the advanced technology arm of First Derm®. Famous for Tele-dermatology treatments, First Derm has been serving patients with inside, fast-track access to some of the greatest Dermatologists in the United States for over five years. This service has seen thousands of anonymous cases submitted to First Derm, allowing for the development of the most advanced AI in dermatology. By utilising their Dermatologists, who verify the skin disease for each image, they are able to cross-match with their vast database to provide accurate results on 43 skin diseases within seconds.

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The Future Is Now

With Pharmaceutical companies such as Almirall increasing their stake in health care technology, the future of digital health is closer than ever. Be sure to test our pharmaceutically backed AI technology here and protect your skin!

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