Online STD Testing: Fast, Accurate & Confidential

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Online STD Testing

Getting yourself tested for sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) also called sexually transmitted infections (STIs), is one way to keep yourself and others healthy. In 2019, the number of STDs reported reached an all-time high for the 6th year in a row, with more than 2.5million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and syphilis being reported in the US. Gaining the correct STD treatment is important as it prevents you from developing any further complications and also stops you from passing the infection to your sexual partners.

However, getting to a clinic to have an STD test isn’t always easy or convenient for everyone. People who live in small towns, are concerned about insurance problems, or just simply ridden with embarrassment, usually find it difficult to seek professional services. Fortunately, the development of online STD tests now provides a way for you to get checked with the level of accuracy and privacy you need.


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Benefits of Online STD Testing:

1) Promotes Confidentiality and Convenience:

Online STD tests are your best chance to get a test done simply, privately and quickly. Consider online websites like When you order your chosen testing kit, it’ll be shipped and sent to you (usually within the next day or within a matter of days!). Once received, you collect your own sample in a place and time of your own choosing, without having to adhere to a physician’s or laboratory’s schedule. After collecting your sample, you then send it back securely to the testing facility. From then on, no one will be able to identify that the test directly belongs to you as barcoding, automation and sample processing occurs anonymously using robotics. Within a few days, you can retrieve your results online or via post – whatever works for you!


2) Reduces the Stigma & Overcomes Barriers:

Online testing is a crucial way of widening access to sexual health services. There are a number of reasons why people find it difficult to go to a sexual health service – the clinics may be too far away or inconvenient to get to, clinics may only be open during work, school or college hours, or people may not feel comfortable talking about their sexual health face-to-face in a clinic. Online testing breaks down these barriers whilst also making sure that everyone has the opportunity to gain the treatment and support they need. LetsGetChecked aims to provide a personalised service that offers support and advice on lifestyle changes and getting prescriptions, in addition to accurate testing.


3) Determines a Number of STD Types:

Up to 85% of infections are symptomless, so it can be difficult to pinpoint which infection or infections you have contracted. You can test for any sort of STD you want and can even test for different strains or multiple diseases at a time. More than 1 testing kit may be sent out to you and once, and the time to gain the results can vary depending on the speed of the testing company. LetsGetChecked is able to test for Chlamydia, Gardnerella, Syphilis, HIV and many more. They may additionally provide medication for some of these diseases at no extra cost.


 4) Ordered at ANY Time:

The online test can be ordered at any time. With tracked shipping and discreet packaging, you are quickly sent all the testing materials that you need and will see the results within a matter of days. The user must read the instructions so they know how to properly complete the test by themselves.

Click the link: Get tested online today from the comfort of your home – Easy, Fast and Discrete!


Online STD Testing


Click the link: Get tested online today from the comfort of your home – Easy, Fast and Discrete!


When Shall I Get Tested?:

You could get tested any time you want, but you should ideally get tested when you have been sexually active with a new partner. You can never be too careful when you have problems with your overall health, and you should get tested at least once a year even if you are not all that active.


How Do I Get My Results?:

You could get your results online and on your phone through a personalised and secure link. Alternatively, they could also be sent to you via a certified letter at home.

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What To Do If I Test Positive?:

Untreated STDs can worsen over time and can even lead to infertility, serious health conditions and death. If you test positive, you must go to your family doctor or local clinic to obtain the appropriate treatment. In some cases, testing companies may be able to provide prescriptions too. Some people believe that they do not need to do anything, but getting the infection under control is not only vital for themselves but also for others.


Click the link: Get tested online today from the comfort of your home – Easy, Fast and Discrete!



Online testing provides the population with the opportunity to use professional health-check services in the privacy and comfort of their own home. The results are easy to get, and you can take action by going to your doctor if you ever test positive. As well as STD tests, LetsGetChecked and other testing companies offer tests for other diseases and conditions – diabetes, micronutrient, hormone and even COVID-19 to name a few!

Online STD Testing


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