Facials can be scary. There’s a random person poking and squeezing your skin while rubbing random creams on your face. I remember the first facial I ever got. She burned my forehead with a chemical enzyme peel, and I was left with a scab that somehow resembled the outline of Mexico. It should come as no surprise that I was hesitant to get another facial ever again.

I have suffered from cystic acne my whole life and have tried every cream, ointment and home remedy possible. I even went to my Dermatologist, but she only prescribed a topical ointment that left my skin dry and flaky. I felt lost and hopeless and thought I would have to deal with my acne for the rest of my life. This all changed when I met Christina, a woman who also suffered from cystic acne. She explained to me that getting a proper facial simply required finding the RIGHT facialist for YOUR skin concerns. Since I was dealing with acne, she recommended I look for a facialist that specializes in acne and has skincare products that target problems only found in acne prone skin. I did a quick search online and found that there were entire skin care clinics dedicated to acne.

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Learn to identify your skin concerns: if you know exactly what your skin problems are, you’ll be able to find someone who specializes in your skincare concerns.

2. Go in for a consultation…or two: Once you find a few estheticians that specialize in your skin concerns, I recommend making a few consultations before you commit to one facialist. Ask them how many/how often you will need to get a facial, which products they will want you to buy, what brand they use for their skincare products, and finally, ask to see some before and after photos.

3. Research the products they use: After the consultation, do some research on the products they sell to their clients for their daily at home regimen. Some clinics use extremely expensive products, while others use cheaper products that are just as effective.

4. Stick to your regimen: Once you find the right facialist after a few consultations, and have received your first facial, your esthetician will most probably create a customized regimen for your skin using the products they sell in their practice. Stick to it. Do exactly as they tell you and never add a product you may have sworn by for years. If you stick to your regimen, you will see results way faster and you won’t have to go in for a facial as often as expected.

5. Communicate: This last step is key. If something isn’t working, tell your facialist. If a product is making you oily, dry, break out or even really working on your skin, tell your facialist. Communication will only make the process of achieving great skin more effective and enjoyable. I love to send photos to my facialist if I get an interesting pimple, or if my skin looks oddly dry. I use the HÜD to take high-resolution photos (as shown below) that my esthetician can easily analyze without me having to come into the clinic.

under eye areapimple with white head

Today, I am acne free and have never felt so great. I used to pile on makeup to cover my pimples but now I leave the house without any makeup at all. Finding the right facialist has genuinely changed my life. I hope my tips and tricks will help kick start your skincare journey.

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