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Ingrown Hair Vs Herpes: Spotting the Differences

Discover key differences between ingrown hairs and genital herpes—symptoms, causes, and when to seek a doctor’s advice for proper care and treatment

Five Hair Loss Myths: Busted!

Hair loss can thus be a serious problem, and most of us experience it at some point in our lives. However, there is not enough awareness about the varied causes of hair loss, how to evaluate or treat it, and the science behind how normal human hair actually grows (aka the hair cycle).

How to Get Rid of Shaving Rashes

Shaving rashes mostly cases of folliculitis or razor bumps go away on their own within two weeks, here are a few ways to speed up the healing process.

10 Most Common Black Skin Conditions and their treatment

It is not until recently that the beauty and skin care industry has invested into people with black skin, darker skin and cater to products for Asian, Hispanic/Latino, African, Native American, Middle-Eastern, and mixtures thereof.

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