Hair Care: Dandruff

Hair Care Background:

Healthy hair care always involves dealing with dandruff. Those pesky little flakes that can mess up even the best of hairdos and there seems to be an infinite number of them. In fact, 20% of people United States will suffer from dandruff, most commonly men from ages 30 to 60. In addition, seemingly harmless dandruff can turn into a harmful skin condition.

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Dandruff can be due to fungus, changes in weather, and hair care. Therefore, as we head into the winter season, it is important that we practice healthy hair care. Fortunately, there are remedies that can help reduce your dandruff!

Treating Dandruff:

  1. Wear a cap or invest in a humidifier! The outside cold combined with the warmth of our houses can dehydrate our scalp, thereby causing dandruff. However, wearing a cap or having a humidifier inside can help mitigate these temperature imbalances and help prevent dandruff. In addition, shampoo often to hydrate your scalp!
  2. Beware of the hair products you are using! While styling products can make hair look great, they can cause dandruff as well. In fact, such products can react negatively with our skin, causing inflammations or itchiness that can augment dandruff.
  3. OTC Shampoos! Aloe vera, lemongrass, and tea tree oil based shampoos. They are known to mitigate dandruff and can be purchased at your local pharmaceutical store.
  4. Prescription Shampoos! While OTC shampoos can work, it is often best to use a prescription shampoo. Common dandruff prescription shampoos include a Capex topical, Nizoral topical, and a plethora of others.
  5. Homemade shampoos! There are various homemade shampoo concoctions that can help reduce dandruff. For example, using lemon juice or coconut oil on your hair before shampooing can eliminate dandruff. However, they aren’t scientifically proven to reduce dandruff.

Ask a dermatologist about dandruff today!

Seeking help:

Finally, while dandruff may seem like a natural occurrence, it can evolve into a more dangerous skin condition. If your dandruff continues to get worse or your scalp becomes swollen or inflamed, seek help! You can use the First Derm app, look at our skin guide, or do both!



Post Snapshot

Dandruff stats/causes:

  • Affects 20% of US people
  • Most common in men
  • Caused by fungus, weather, and poor hair care

How to mitigate dandruff:

  • Cap/humidifier
  • Avoid hair products
  • OTC/Prescription/Homemade shampoos

When dandruff becomes serious:

  • Scalp becomes inflamed/itchy


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