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Eczema Care: 10 Skin-Care Ingredients to Avoid

Discover the worst skin-care ingredients to avoid for managing eczema. Learn which common irritants can trigger flare-ups

Atopic Dermatitis vs. Contact Dermatitis: What’s the Difference?

Contact dermatitis is caused by external irritants, while atopic dermatitis is a chronic, genetic condition. Learn about their symptoms and triggers

Dry skin – a Dermatologist’s tips by Dr Dray

Dry skin feels dry to the touch because of a lack of moisturer in the outer cell layer (stratum corneum). This results in cracks in the skin surface.

Signs of Bed Bug Bites & Paris Nights: A Traveller’s Inquiry

Uncover the signs of bed bug bites through a traveler’s inquiry from Paris. Learn how to recognize these itchy red bumps and what bed bug bites look like

How Bad Is Alcohol For Your Skin?

How Bad Is Alcohol For Your Skin?

As the dust begins to settle on another festive period, life, rather abruptly returns to normal and leaves us pondering what affect all that indulgence had on our body. More often than not, the signs begin to show in our skin, first, alongside the headaches and tiredness that is. So, what affect does alcohol have on our skin? Is there any way we can reduce these effects in the future?

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How Stress Affects The Skin

How Stress Affects The Skin

Stress is something most of us are familiar with and according to certain studies, one third of Americans are living with extreme stress. To add to that, nearly half of Americans believe that their stress has increased over the past five years. Unfortunately, as well as the overwhelming feeling that comes with stress, it is shown to cause skin rashes, hair loss, soft nails, acne and more. Stress can affect almost every aspect of our life but today we’re focussing on the effect on our skin.

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