First Derm app update – new UX and UI for better user experience

by | Oct 22, 2017 | Blog, News

App update new UX : UI better user experience

First Derm new design and user experience (UX/UI)

After two years we have updated our app First Derm. Thanks to San Francisco based Tradecraft, we underwent a 12 weeks design research project and came to our current result.

First Derm iOS app

User research

1.) Gain insight from market research and competitive analysis to optimize First Derm application

2.) Analyze data of current users to: a.) Construct applicable personas to test b.) Understand user and demographical relationships with the application

3.) Conduct Contextual Interviews and Usability Tests to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement

4.) Synthesize findings into action items for Design

Questions that we wanted to have answers to from interviews with testers were the following

Do users who pay more have a more severe condition? Do they pay more because they meet a certain income level? Are there any trends between payment selected and dermatologist recommendations? Ex: more over-the-counter prescriptions recommendations. Are there any additional correlations between payment selected and gender.

Prior to research

Prior to research, we mapped out assumptions about the app and its users as the following: • People value time and are willing digitally replace face-time with their doctors • Users don’t need to see who their doctor is to trust the app’s recommendations • Those with STDs want to maintain anonymity • Users rely on First Derm as an alternative for urgent cases that don’t require the ER • People trust the diagnostic means (photo/digital) and believe the guidance is legitimate

Purpose – To gain an in-depth understanding of how people treat their health, how they seek information, and how they make decisions. We wanted to see where First Derm fits in in the journey toward treatment. • Process – “The happiness roadmap” • An interactive exercise for participants to document their process from discovery to treatment and map it on an emotional scale. • We interviewed 6 users that met the millennial or parent personas

“I think of my kids’ health in two categories: “wait it out” and “emergencies.” The reality is, most dermatological issues are not an emergency. I’d be hesitant to to pay out of pocket for something that isn’t an emergency, and if it is an emergency, I’d want to see a real human and doctor.” – Interview participant, young mother.

Tradecraft Sticky notes UX UI design new app

To synthesize, we discussed our findings and wrote important items on individual sticky notes. We then grouped the items by category and use this method to decide on the most important areas to tackle first

About Tradecraft

We were very happy to have had the opportunity to work with Tradecraft. They allocated a group of 8 people that worked on the app with close interactions with First Derm. Which resulted in the the new design for iOS and Android. The app was built in react native and took us 3 months to build.

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