After tearing up the retail world, the digital services section, books and beyond, here comes the latest: Amazon Pharmacy. Jeff Bezos and his Trojan horse are ready to batter down the door of the trillion-dollar plus pharmacy world.




Wrestling skin rashes are treatable & could get you on the mat in no time, as most rashes can be treated with over the counter creams.

Hands can give away a lot about a person. Taking care of your nails is essential for beautiful looking hands. We explain what you can do to get strong, long and healthy fingernails.

Depending on the condition, an autoimmune disease can affect a variety of organs, joints and muscles as well as any other bodily tissue.

Summer is near, and as we venture outside to enjoy ourselves, it’s crucial to keep the well-being of our skin in mind. The skin is a delicate organ susceptible to damage from the sun.
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