Power your platform with the most powerful dermatology search engine available today. We have a holistic dermatology AI that can scan all forms of: skin cancer, inflammatory disease and all visual STDs. The API integrates in an average 6 hours.

Autoderm® online dermatology on your website or in app

The Autoderm® API enables you to screen for 43 different types of skin diseases with an answer within a second. Easily integrate our API into your: blog, website, app or as a diagnostic help tool for healthcare workers. Choose your own interface for your API and your end users can upload an image and get an instant answer on what type of skin disease it can be. See how the service works below.

Autoderm® API users enjoy:

  • Easy to use and well documented API
  • Quarterly better performing API updates
  • Conversion rates for related dermatology products are cheaper than internet Ads
  • No maintenance, set up time or risk
  • Sell more products
  • Increased user engagement

Use Autoderm® API, design your own UX/UI

The Autoderm® API is well documented and simple to use. Feedback from customers say It takes in average 6 hours to have a functioning AI interface. Sign up for our API and start providing your users with free dermatology search answers, and monetize your traffic

Current Autoderm® users are

  • Skin product websites and blogs
  • Skincare blogs
  • Health information websites
  • Telemedicine platforms
  • Patient advocate websites
  • Health Chatbots
  • Dermatology orientated pharmaceutical companies
  • Healthcare workers


Read our API guide 100 lines of code here


Test the accuracy of our Autoderm® algorithm below

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