When To Seek Medical Advice For Rash?

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Blog, skincare


When to seek medical advice for your rash?


You may have been there before or perhaps you’re here because you have a rash you’re concerned about. Either way, we’ve all often wondered whether a rash will go away on its own or whether it’s something serious. 

More often than not, when we do have a rash, it can mean a week or so goes by whilst trying to get yourself an appointment with a Dermatologist or at least your Doctor to begin with. What we will say, is that Rashes can be complex and it’s worth speaking to a certified Dermatologist such as ours as quickly as you can, that way they can deal with the issue effectively – just in case that rash returns. Regardless, there are some extra steps you can follow at home before you speak to an online dermatologist or arrange an appointment.


What Is A Rash?

Firstly, what is a rash anyway? A rash is an area of irritated, inflamed skin that is sometimes itchy, red and can be painful. There are many types of rashes and inflammations and most will come under the term ‘dermatitis’. Your rash is likely to be in that bracket depending on where it is and what it looks like. Some examples of different types of dermatitis:

It’s worth noting that depending on where the rash is on your body is usually a defining factor on what it is. Diaper Dermatitis being an obvious example!

Equally, as well as dermatitis, it could have been caused by something else such as Urticaria (hives), Rosacea, Psoriasis or even Acne, if the rash is appearing in a typically acne prone part of the body.

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Should I seek Medical Advice?


Whether or not to seek medical advice will depend on several factors. We would always advise speaking to a professional or even using our free AI technology to get a better understanding of your rash. That said, there are some clear steps you can follow beforehand.

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  1. What does the rash look like?


In the recent past the best way to understand what your rash looks like is to start googling and look for similar images. For example, if the rash looks like it could be ringworm then its time to get yourself to the doctor. Frankly, despite us creating our skin guide it can still be challenging when looking at so many different rashes, this is why we have built our AI, so that you can upload your image and be provided with the matching diseases  – we’re here to narrow your search and give you answers!


  1. Are you in pain?


This seems like an obvious one but its not always! If the rash is bothering you either mentally or physically, if the itch is incontrollable and hasn’t gone away within a few days then speak to a dermatologist. This is usually a good warning sign that our body is fighting something and it is time to act, don’t just leave it.


  1. Are there other symptoms?


Another good way to understand your rash is to check for other symptoms, if you notice any signs such as shortness of breath, bleeding, blisters in mouth, eyes or on the skin or even swelling then we recommend you visit your doctor or get checked up by your dermatologist as quickly as possible.


In all, there are many options available to you when it comes to understanding the significance of your rash. Thankfully, in modern times there are also many ways you can be treated without having to wait.  As mentioned previously, we always recommend acting quickly if you notice a rash as this means it can be resolved more easily. You can read up on some of the cases we’ve received and see if it matches your own. Treatment can be managed OTC in many cases so it’s well worth getting treated sooner rather than later.

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