How to Keep your Eczema in Check for the Summer

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Blog, Eczema

Eczema, also known as Atopic Dermatitis, is one of the most common and troubling skin conditions that millions of people face. Whether it’s on a newborn or a grown adult, eczema can affect anyone at any age. Those who suffer from eczema develop a high sensitivity over the smallest irritants or allergens, triggering unbearable itching and scratching. If unsure about you eczema, contact a dermatologist to help you confirm it.

Now that summer is finally here , the eczema that we worked hard to contain is back and more irritable than ever. Here a few summer culprits that cause itchy flare-ups and tips to contain them.

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1. Sharks Are Not the Real Enemy

Swimming is something we all look forward to in this  hot weather. But what if we told you that swimming may cause potential hard to your eczema? More specifically, chlorified water in swimming pools is a known culprit for irritating and drying for the skin.


While it’s best to stay out of the pool, swimming in the pool with moderation will not cause damage as long as you shower right after to wash off all the chemicals. Beach water is actually known to be less irritating for the skin than chlorified water. But again, because beach water harbors bacteria and unknown substances, people with eczema should moderate their time in the waters.

However, those with serious eczema should ask  a dermatologist first before getting in contact with the water.

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2. Let’s Start Gentle

Skin Products are always a must have to smelling good and feeling refreshed for the summer. But despite how good these products might make you feel, it might not necessarily be the best for your skin.


Specific soaps, detergents, and body wash can strip away moisture from your skin if the product ingredients are too harsh for your skin. For example, sodium lauryl sulfate and fragrance are common ingredients that may be rough on sensitive, dry skin. Fragrance has alcohol content that dries out your skin, while sodium lauryl sulfate…. Switching to products that are fragrance-free and for sensitive skin will help alleviate those issues while the same functionality for your skin.


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3. Don’t Break That Sweat!

Sweat is one of the biggest enemies of eczema. The sodium in sweat can sting and dry our your skin, causing an itching sensation. The more sweat that lingers on the skin, the worse and more irritable it can get.


Staying in a cooler temperatures would be ideal for someone with eczema. Using a fan or air conditioning can help your skin’s susceptible to sweat.

However, if you’re out exercising or doing physical activities, you’re bound  experience some sweat. Of course, eczema shouldn’t stop you from exercising and living a healthy life. Simply shower right after your physical activity to  eliminate the  sweat on your skin. An alternative is to wipe your skin with a wet towel and applying lotion right after to alleviate and moisture those itchy dry patches.


We understand that dealing with Eczema can get tricky. It takes time to understand how your skin will react to certain things and working around for alternatives. If you are concerned about your eczema, get your questions answered by a board-certified  dermatologist today.

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