Now more than ever we rely on Google to provide us with answers to everyday questions. In a survey done by the Pew Research Center one third of Americans say that they have gone online to investigate what medical condition either themselves or someone they know might have. As many of us know, Googling a skin condition that has developed can leave us scarred – attempting to repress the scary images as we tediously scroll down. On the other hand it is easy to get lost, wading around different websites many of which seem to be suggesting you are dying. The bottom line is that people make mountains out of molehills and vice-versa. Yet, for some inexplicable reason we keep searching.

There are a variety of reasons why we consult Google before we consult a doctor, especially about the skin. For starters, it’s simply more convenient than setting up an appointment with a dermatologist. According to a recent survey, on average, it takes 28.8 days to see one. The wait time alone makes the infinite supply of discussion board advice seem worth trying. Secondly, there is the embarrassment. Skin concerns can often be located in, on, or around areas of the body that many people are not apt to showing off. These experiences seemingly leave us with no other alternative than Google.

More often than not the ramifications of self-diagnosis are wasted time and worry, but sometimes it can be more serious – people may try unproven or dangerous treatments at home in place of a proper medical evaluation. Alas! There is finally another option. First Derm is your online dermatologist, a reliable online source to get a fast answer to your skin concerns. Send a picture of the problematic area and within 24 hours you will have a response of the probable identity of you skin issue, giving you the peace of mind that Google cannot. Our board-certified dermatologists provide their expert opinion on what to do next: possible treatment options or a recommendation to see a doctor. Stop the searching, stop the guessing, ask an expert.

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