How Staying Indoors Affects Our Skin

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Blog, Coronavirus, skincare


How Being Indoors Affects Our Skin

Most of us are now entering a period of quarantine. Governments the world over have encouraged self-isolation to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus. Although right now, our skincare might be low on our list of priorities, we’re here to help after the first few days of shock subside and the questions about our skin arise.


Is Staying Indoors Bad For Our Skin?


So you’re now stuck indoors and after talking to yourself for a few days about the Coronavirus crisis the brain begins to settle (a little!). The questions move to the effect quarantine might have, whether we need to exercise indoors and what about our skin? We’re often told that going outdoors is great for our skin health so now that we’re indoors what will happen?


Firstly, staying indoors is not necessarily bad for our skin but its not really a positive either. By being outside there are many benefits to our skin, as an example, research demonstrates that being outside and even just hearing the sound of birds can help us relax and de-stress. This in turn helps our skin, since we know that stress is bad for our skin health.


It also goes without saying that some light sun exposure whilst outdoor can also benefit our skin. Vitamin D has been shown to have many benefits but unfortunately there’s not a lot we can do about that right now!

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Indoor Tips


  1. Try to keep air con and central heating to a minimum– this will only dry out your skin, which is at risk by being indoors anyway.
  2. Stay Hydrated – It may seem trivial but it’s surprising how easily everything goes out the window when you’re trapped inside. Staying hydrated is key to healthy skin.
  3. Try To Reduce Stress – We know stress is bad for our skin and we know it’s difficult in a time like this. The news can often be a source of stress so try to avoid it. Aim to entertain yourself with a game, a book or whatever it is that helps you remain distracted. Anything to keep the mind occupied and reduce stress will reap rewards for your skin.
  4. Exercise– It may sound ridiculous since we’re stuck inside but finding a way to exercise has many benefits for the skin. Opt for a home workout or a ‘free-weight’ workout. There are many great core exercises out there to get the blood pumping.
  5. Eat Well – its tempting to go for the junk food in a time like this but try your best to eat healthy since this will give your skin a fighting chance. We’ve written some advice on the best foods for your skin and the ones to avoid.

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In all, this is a strange and challenging period for us all. The priority is not spreading the Coronavirus (covid-19) so staying indoors is necessary. Hopefully the measures above will help you protect your skin but if you’re noticing a rash, spot or mole that you haven’t seen before then we’re here to help.


You can avoid risking public spaces and you can reduce the pressure on our health services by speaking to our board certified dermatologists or even just using our artificial intelligence to get an instant answer on your skin problems.

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