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Spot the Signs Early: Online Skin Cancer Screenings with First Derm

by | May 6, 2024 | Blog, Skin Cancer

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Skin cancer is a major killer, responsible for a substantial number of deaths worldwide. It ranks as the most frequently diagnosed cancer in the United States.[1] Every year, thousands of lives are impacted, making early detection crucial for effective treatment and improved outcomes. The plus side of skin cancer compared to other cancers is, you can readily see it. A bit of careful scrutiny is all it takes to beat this scary monster for good.

It cannot be stressed enough how important early detection is when it comes to combating skin cancer. Skin Cancer Awareness Month gives us the perfect opportunity to refresh our knowledge on skin cancer, and to save lives by staying alert. Awareness and accessibility are two major pillars of preventing skin cancer deaths. First Derm is committed to making healthcare accessible and making early detection easier by offering free online skin consultations, through their partnership with the Charles Slbg Foundation. Together, they aim to empower individuals in proactive skin health management.

Adding to its commitment, the First Derm online skin cancer screening platform has proven to be a valuable triage tool, identifying 28 potential malignant melanomas within a six-month period. 

Read more about this initiative: Charles SLBG Foundation Skin Cancer Screening Report

Urgency of Early Detection

Detecting skin cancer early is like catching a plot twist before it ruins the movie – it changes everything! Statistics show that when melanoma is spotted early, the survival rate is around 99%, but if it is found later with distant metastases, that drops to just 30%.[2]

The same goes for other types of skin cancers like squamous cell carcinoma. The yearly expense for addressing nonmelanoma skin cancer in the U.S. is projected to reach $4.8 billion, compared to an estimated $3.3 billion for treating melanoma annually.[3] Early detection can reduce this massive cost spent on cancer treatment as well. The earlier you can detect skin cancer, the better the outcome will be in all aspects.

That is where First Derm’s online screenings come in handy. With just a few clicks, you can get a professional assessment of your skin, helping you spot any potential trouble early on. It is like having a dermatologist in your pocket, ready to save the day and keep your skin healthy.


First Derm’s Online Screening Process

Accessing First Derm’s services is easy and straightforward. Simply visit the First Derm website or download the app, snap photos of your skin lesion, upload securely, provide details, and await a professional evaluation. Just like that, you will receive personalized recommendations directly through the platform without delay. It is necessary to note that First Derm has overcome a lot of challenges faced by online screening platforms by involving professionals rather than completely relying on fully automated, artificial intelligence driven systems.

For a more detailed guide on the online screening process and what to expect, check out: How it works and what to expect.


What First Derm Offers

First Derm revolutionizes dermatological care by offering instant access to board-certified dermatologists, ensuring top-quality consultations. The service is not only affordable and accessible but also prioritizes privacy, guaranteeing confidential interactions. Forget waiting rooms and paperwork – just snap a picture, get expert advice and swiftly address your skin concerns without tedious registrations or subscriptions.

These features offered by First Derm play a vital role in the early detection of skin cancer, facilitated by the innovative Triage tool.

Check out more information on how First Derm provides a perfect triage tool for early detection of skin cancers.


Additional Services

First Derm is not just about skin cancer screenings; they’ve got you covered for all things including skin, hair, and nails! Whether it is pesky acne, odd rashes, brittle nails or even hair loss, their board-certified dermatologists are here to help. From head to toe, they have got the expertise to address a wide range of concerns, ensuring you can put your best face (and hair, and nails) forward.

Redesign your fate with your own hands

Skin cancer awareness month shines a spotlight on a major healthcare problem that can be easily fought against if detected early. Keep an eye on your skin to avoid deadly consequences of skin cancer. Every spot counts, and early detection is your best defense. Take charge by performing regular skin checks and scheduling yearly exams with a dermatologist. Don’t ignore changes – trust your instincts and insist on further evaluation if something seems off. Start protecting your health today, one check at a time!

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