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Spot cancer education and information are effective ways to engage people for early detection of skin cancer. Its effectiveness is most evident in an ongoing campaign in Australia since the 70s. Even though the number of people that get skin cancer has increased around the world, it has stabilized in Australia.

Every year there is a drive on the Northern hemisphere called Melanoma Monday or Euro Melanoma, when the information about the dangers of the sun and encouragement to check up your skin for skin cancer is in effect.

At First Derm, we are also engaged in the skin cancer awareness campaign by organizing Spot Cancer events. In these campaigns, people are able to screen their skin lesions by using the First Derm app and HÜD, our dermatoscope that fits on a smartphone to take high grade medical images.

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We also support other charities with screening possibilities, such as Himlen är överskattad (“Heaven is overrated” in Swedish) and Charles foundation in the UK.

At every event, we find potential skin cancers like basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and malignant melanoma, as well as precancerous actinic keratosis lesions. In addition to detection, we help the affected person to get a prioritized follow up with a dermatologist.




Our last event in Sweden, which was in Gothenburg and Kalmar, we found 8/38 (21%) lesions that needed a follow up with a dermatologist, which including two possible malignant melanomas. The rest of the visitors got skin cancer information, which included regularly self-checks to look out for worrying signs.

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Image Courtesy of Peter Stenberg/Sveriges Radio

Post Snapshot

  • Spot Cancer campaign aims to give information about the dangers of the sun
  • First Derm encourages regular check ups for skin cancer
  • We support other charities, including Himlen är överskattad and Charles foundation
  • At every event, we find potential skin cancers or conditions that need a follow up with a dermatologist

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