Doctors ask a lot of questions. They want to get to the heart of the issue. They want to improve people’s lives. They want to teach and educate – and the good ones are constantly seeking new, innovative approaches to the practice of medicine.

Entrepreneurs have fire in their bellies. They stay awake for days at a time, nurturing ideas until they make informed decisions.

Public health workers are passionate about wellness. They combine scientific knowledge with communication skills to bring innovations to consumers.

When you find a team with the education, passion, and experience – as we are lucky to have at First Derm – you have the ability to do some really great things for individuals and populations. Great things like our skin cancer awareness month kick-off event, Spot Cancer in the Park. First Derm partnered with Blue Lizard Sunscreen™ and Sunscreen Bands™ in an awareness-building event using a rented RV at Mission Dolores Park in San Francisco. 

Spot Cancer Campaign

In just 2 days, and on a limited budget, the team spoke with approximately 2000 individuals about sun safety and the importance of early detection of skin cancers. We distributed 500 Blue Lizard Sunscreen™ samples, 100 Sunscreen Bands™, and screened 99 people for skin concerns. Of those 99 screenings, we found 10 possible pre-cancerous lesions (i.e., actinic keratosis), 2 possible melanomas, and 1 basalioma. In its entirety, the awareness campaign took three weeks: two weeks to prep and one week to review, assemble, and present the results.

Thanks to digital and social media, the campaign reached a lot more than the 2000 individuals we spoke with directly last weekend. Combined, our press release and social media campaign reached 71, 518 people. That’s a lot of awareness on a small budget and in a limited time.

We’d like to thank our partners, Blue Lizard Sunscreen™ and Sunscreen Bands™, as well as our volunteers, and everyone who took a moment to share our message via social media.

First Derm is hoping to find funding to take the Spot Cancer campaign on the road this summer, driving up and down the California coast. Please visit our website for more information.

Click here to see how we spotted cancer in the park.

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