What Does the Repeal of Obamacare Mean for Your Skin?

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Blog, News, Skin Cancer

Just two hours ago, GOP leadership and the House confirmed that they won’t vote today on the new health care bill (a.k.a Trump Care) that is meant to substitute Obamacare. But what would happen if the Affordable Care Act does eventually get repealed? And what does it mean if you suspect that you have skin cancer?

Earlier this week, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said that Trump Care would leave 24 million more people uninsured in 2026. In other words, if Obamacare is repealed, around 52 million people would be uninsured under the new bill.

What does the repeal mean for you?

If you’re one of that 24 million people, you will no longer be covered by health insurance. In the case of an abnormal skin growth, you may have to pay the full price of any surgery needed. The cost of skin cancer treatment ranges from $1,732 to $56,059, according to a study by The Journal of the American Medical Association.

You could be in an even worse position if you’re over 65 years old. In a American Journal of Preventive Medicine study, Medicare (a government funded health care program for seniors) paid for 41.1% of skin cancer treatments in 2007-2011.

But the new bill doesn’t seem to care. AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond issued a statement last week in opposition to the GOP Health Care bill. She said, “AARP opposes this legislation, as introduced, that would weaken Medicare, leaving the door open to a voucher program that shifts costs and risks to seniors.”

What can you do?

If you discover a growing mole or anything abnormal about your skin, ask a dermatologist! It’s important to treat skin cancer at an early stage–melanoma (a type of skin cancer) is the fifth most common cancer among men and the sixth among women. Early detection can save your life. For early stage melanoma (Stage IA), the survival rate is 95% if it’s treated early.

What First Derm can do to help?

If you’re uninsured and suspect that you have skin cancer, send in a case to us immediately!

You don’t need to have insurance to use our service and you can get an answer within 8 hours. Our board-certified dermatologists will look at the picture you send in at a cost of as low as $29. While we don’t provide prescriptions, you can send in our answer to a dermatologist of your choice to get prioritized treatment. Call a dermatologist’s office with the self-referral letter from us to see if you’re eligible for a discounted bill.

P.S. If you have health insurance, you can send in your receipt and our answer to your insurance provider to claim the cost.


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