9 Recommendations for Long and Healthy Nails

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Many people claim they notice hands first when meeting a new person. This is because hands can give away a lot about a person. Besides that, taking care of your nails is also essential for beautiful looking hands. Are you tired of short brittle nails that never seem to grow? Follow these recommendations to get long and healthy nails.


1. Do not have unrealistic expectations

The average growth rate for nails is 0.1 mm each day (which equals to 1 centimeter in 100 days). Fingernails grow faster than toenails and generally the growth is faster in young people, in males, and during summer months. Also, nails seem to have a rapid grow and string during pregnancy. Due to the influx of pregnancy hormones, nails may be growing faster than ever and become stronger. 


2. Do not break your nails

This may sound silly, but the first thing you can do to grow your nails is avoiding breaking them. Nails are not tools! You should dodge nail-risky activities such as opening cans or pressing buttons with your fingernails. Use your knuckles or an appropriate instrument whenever possible or get someone else to do it for you. And, stop biting your fingernails. Nail biting, also known as onychophagy is an oral compulsive habit that can make your nails grow deformed. 

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3. Oil them up! 

Nails break easier when they are dry, whereas a nourished nail is more resistant to bending. Use jojoba oil on your cuticles every night and enjoy your nails growing healthy and strong like never before! 

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4. Say goodbye to nail clips 

It will come the dreadful time when you have to cut down your nails. Well, opt for a glass nail file and file the nail down, starting from the edges and working your way to the center. Also remember to file nails when they are dry, never file straight out of the bath or shower as that can lead to splitting.



5. Don’t forget to eat your Vitamins

Healthy diet is extremely important for providing the necessary nutrients to support your nail growth. Although there is no scientific evidence of nutrition directly stimulating nail growth, vitamin deficiency is the most widespread cause of brittle nails. Therefore, supplying your body with essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins will indirectly benefit your nails.

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6. Avoid acetone!

Many nail technicians recommend you wipe your nails with acetone before applying nail polish. Although this might make your nail polish last longer, acetone dries out the nail plate by stripping away natural oils. Same applies to acetone-based polish removers. We recommend you try an acetone-free formula. 



7. Wear nail polish

Lacquer does not play a role in nail growth, but it can help with shielding the nail by acting as a barrier. Furthermore, wearing a gorgeous shade of polish or a design you love will discourage you from picking or biting your nails.

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8. Avoid gel and acrylic manicures

Even though gel mani-pedis look amazing and can long for several weeks, getting gel manicure is quite harmful for your nails. If you had a gel or acrylic manicure before, you would know that unfortunately gel polish is very hard to remove. Whether you opt for acetone and foil soak method or drill professional removal, both carry the risk that the superficial layers of your nails will be stripped away together with the gel polish.



9. Take care of your cuticles

The cuticle is the layer of skin that covers and protects the matrix where the new nail cells grow from. Despite popular belief, cutting your cuticles is most definitely not a good idea. By removing the cuticles, the matrix is left exposed to germs and bacteria. This can lead to fungal infections weakening your nails and diminishing your hopes of growing long, strong nails. Instead of removing your cuticles, focus on caring for them, by moisturizing them daily.

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Keep in mind that patience is a virtue and growing strong nails is a long process that requires plenty of time. There is no miraculous product for growing your nails overnight.

Remember, It is very important to take care of your fingernails and following the above steps will assure you a healthy and strong nail growth. If you have any concern about your nails, contact our online dermatologists to have peace of mind. 

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