First Derm partners with Philips

by | Mar 14, 2017 | Blog, News

First Derm™ and Philips have teamed up to provide Philips’s UK customers access to on demand dermatologists 24/7. First Derm™ is a leader in consumer teledermatology that let’s anyone with a skin concern ask a board certified dermatologist a quick question, and then get an answer on what to do next. Philips sells consumer hardware products for hair removal and grooming. The smartphone has driven consumer digital health to the forefront with a demand for expert customer services.  

“In partnership with First Derm™, we are pleased to announce the pilot of a unique online dermatology service designed to address consumers’ questions regarding their skin, and the use of Philips at home IPL devices. Available via the Philips Lumea website and app, consumers benefit from round the clock personalized responses from a team of certified dermatologists. The free service began in the UK from February 2017.”, says Philips in a statement.

“This is an important partnership for First Derm™, to get in front of skin conscious customers. It is usually in the bathroom that people first discover a skin concern for example when you are shaving your beard or shaving your legs. We help Philips customers get expert skin information from a certified dermatologist in a 21st century busy life-style”, says CEO Dr Alexander Börve of First Derm™.

First off is a six month beta test for Philips customers in the UK. It will be integrated into Philips Consumer Lifestyle apps and websites to give a free on demand dermatology answer on any skin related concern 24/7. The service will be exclusively tested in the UK, with UK and EU trained dermatologists.

See the service here

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First Derm™ is a research backed telehealth information service, that triage users with skin concerns by board certified dermatologists to the right level of healthcare, it saves time, money and gives peace of mind. 70% are recommended OTC, 30% are prioritized for a dermatologist visit. To date the service has had over 200 000 downloads of the apps and reviewed over 20 000 cases from 160 countries in 7 languages. The service has identified over 500 possible skin cancer lesions. First Derm is available for free download on both iOS and Android. For more information, please visit

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