First Derm Partners with SelfDiagnostics home testing kits

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SelfDiagnostics home testing kits

First Derm’s Artificial Intelligence AUTOMDERM® is integrated into SelfDiagnostics as a screening tool to help convert more customers


First Derm Partners with SelfDiagnostics home testing kits


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First Derm has integrated its AUTODERM® Artificial Intelligence (AI) API algorithm into SelfDiagnostics health portal for home testing kits. A SelfDiagnostics customer can simply upload a good focused photo of any skin concern and have an answer within a fraction of a second on a possible skin disease and what steps to take next. AUTODERM® have developed an AI algorithm on 33 different  skin diseases for quick screening.


“This is a perfect partnership,” says Dr Alexander Börve, CEO of First Derm. “We have worked day and night on refining our AI, it is now a very good search tool for skin diseases that gives you an immediate answer on your skin concern and what steps to take next” We can only test for skin diseases and SelfDiagnostics have a complete collection of self-testing home kits, including STD, allergies, cancer, food intolerances, so we complement each other in helping the patient from the comfort of their own home.”


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of dermatology is nothing new. However, new algorithms are emerging that can screen for skin diseases with high accuracy. Google Inc published recent research on 26 skin diseases, which showed that when supplying differential diagnosis, the AI was on par with dermatologists and even better than family doctors or nurse practitioners.


Autoderm has trained a neural network with 120 000 smartphone skin images of 33 skin disease classes, ranging from inflammatory diseases like rosacea and psoriasis, to skin infections like Pityriasis versicolor and sexually transmitted diseases like Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The version that we have built is our third and there has been a lot of experimenting to advance the technology. Our most recent version has an accuracy of 50% on the top result, but if you include the top 5 results (4 differential skin diseases) it averages 80% in accuracy. At this stage we are comparable to a search engine on skin diseases but with more precise accuracy. Instead of submitting text and getting photos back, you submit an image and receive accurate results with further information on the diagnosed skin disease. 


An interesting emerging user base for our skin disease search engine is Generation Z and Millennials. We did a small test on Reddit over a period of 24 hours using images provided by community members within the forum. We then compared the answers that our AI algorithm provided with the responses that community members on Reddit had already given, in many cases the results from our AI technology was more accurate and also confirmed any skin disease that had been diagnosed correctly in the forums.


We have academic research collaborations in place and we are pursuing FDA approval to become a diagnostic dermatology algorithm in the future.


First Derm and SelfDiagnostics respects users’ privacy through a completely anonymous process. Only a photo is collected to further train the new algorithm. Users are asked to only take non-identifiable images for analysis. 



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About First Derm: First Derm in incorporated as iDoc24 Inc and is a Techstarss and Skydeck alumn. They leads the mobile health revolution by empowering users to submit skin concerns anonymously to board-certified dermatologists with photos and a description from anywhere in the world. They are now transitioning from human to artificial intelligence with their AUTODERM API. First Derm provides triage service, yielding an information-based response and suggested course of action. Since the app can be accessed any time, users receive a reliable review of their condition directly 24/7. For more information, please visit


About SelfDiagnostics is a leading European healthcare venture. The company holds next generation patent protected Molecular Diagnostics technology that helps to detect diseases and provides diagnosis at site combined with unparalleled speed and accuracy. 

In parallel to product development, the company is also pursuing sales operations through e-commerce platform  by selling analogous products made by third-party manufacturers – sample to lab tests, rapid tests, blood pressure instruments, inhalers. 

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