Quarantine. Now Is The Time To Derm Online

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Blog, Coronavirus, Dermatologist, skincare


Online Dermatology the Saviour for Skin Problems During Quarantine

In the midst of the current Coronavirus pandemic and the new advice to remain indoors under self-isolation or ‘quarantine’ we’re here to drive home the importance of online medical services.  More than ever, online medical services will play a vital role in the future of our health. Our expertise is dermatology and skincare, so if you’re in quarantine and concerned about your skin then look no further. Here are some of the top reasons you should be using teledermatology services. Especially during a pandemic such as Covid-19.  

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Check For Cancerous Moles

Using an online dermatology services means flexibility and instant access to Dermatologists. This is key when checking for cancerous moles on the body. Malignant Melanoma is one of the most common forms of cancer to cause death even though it accounts for very few cancer cases.


If spotted early, survival rates for melanoma are as high as 95%. We suggest giving our quiz a go to see if you can spot the cancerous mole. It’s worth noting that although survival rates are high once spotted, it is very important to check your moles and use a dermatology service like ours if you’re concerned. The key danger with melanoma is that it spreads. This means it could potentially reach your vital organs, lymph nodes and lungs. This can accelerate the disease rapidly.


You can even read a story here on our CEO saving his friends life through the use of our online dermatology service.

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Fastest Way To Access Dermatologists


As alluded to above, using an online dermatology service gives you instant access to a dermatologist. We can respond within 8 hours of you uploading an image. Plus, with appointment waiting times averaging over 90 days in the US it’s your fasted way to receive treatment for a rash, spot or mole.


Protect From Viruses


Speaking to an online dermatologist means there is no need to leave the home. At times such as these, with viruses like Covid-19 beginning to spread it is vital we do all that we can to avoid the spread of the disease. The majority of governments are now advising the public to avoid close contact and move into self-isolation or ‘quarantine’ should they notice any symptoms. By avoiding close contact and talking to our dermatologists about your skin problems online you can effectively avoid close contact and high-risk areas.

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Avoid Costly Dermatology Appointments


The majority of skin diseases can be treated over the counter. This means that all you really need is an explanation from a certified professional. As long as they accurately explain what you have and what you need then you’re good to go. Rather than the long-winded process of trying to obtain a dermatology appointment, you can simply speak online. Not only is this quick and resolves your issue swiftly. But it’s also much cheaper than attempting to book with a dermatologist privately in person.


In all, it is now up to us to make the necessary lifestyle changes to prevent the spread of germs. A clear solution at this moment is to turn to the Internet. We can access it from anywhere in the world and there is a huge range of healthcare services available at our fingertips. Although this is a time of caution, it is a great opportunity for us to begin using online services more frequently. Not only does this reduce the spread of infection but it also improves these online services. The more users the better it becomes. This can certainly be said of tools such as our AI skin image searcher. Due to such frequent use it now boasts 80% accuracy on 43 skin diseases. Give it a try for free or if you prefer to keep it old school you can speak to our board-certified dermatologists today!

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