My name is Janet Johnson.

There are more wolves than people where I live in rural Idaho with my husband, John, and our three boys (aged three, six, and ten). I love our life, don’t get me wrong, but it’s particularly hard to live in such a remote place when our kids gets sick.

Fields in IdahoOur pediatrician, Dr. McCabe, works in a community just over an hour’s drive from our house. He’s a busy guy – the waiting room is always packed and we’re lucky to get an appointment within the week if one of our kids is sick. Getting an appointment is only the first hurdle. Then, there’s the drive, the gas money, and the copay. Often, I have to take both older kids out of school for the day because I’d never make it home on time to meet the bus. Despite how costly it seems to get the kids to the doctor, like any mom, when my kids get sick, I want answers.

Last Tuesday, my eldest son, Ronny, nearly fell off the bus scratching the backs of his knees. When I took a look, both legs were covered in light red spots. The rash was also on his belly and back. I checked: no fever, no other complaints. Dr. McCabe’s office offered me an appointment Monday – six full days away. I didn’t know what to do about Ronny’s itchiness, what had caused the rash, or whether or not it was contagious. Were we all going to come down with this rash? Did I need to keep Ronny home from school until he saw Dr. McCabe?

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