Stopping That Keloid Scar From Growing

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Blog

keloid scar prevention

 Keloid scars form when the skin goes through an aggressive process of healing itself to a scar. It causes an overgrowth of scarring tissue to build up caused from burning, scratching, injury, or acne. Although keloid scars are harmless, it can have a psychological  impact on people  who may find it embarrassing.

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 Removing or treating keloid scars without a surgical procedure or steroid injections can be extremely difficult to do. However, there are a few methods to prevent keloids from growing. The key is prevention!


Do Not Touch. I Repeat! Do Not Touch!

scratch keloid scar itch

When your skin is going through the scarring process, it can become unbearably itchy. However, it’s important  to not scratch the scar while it’s healing. When scar tissue is forming, scratching will only cause abrasion on the skin, forcing even more scar tissue to form to repair itself. This causes keloid scars to grow due to the excess growth of scar tissue.  

Pro Tip: To reduce itching, apply an ice pack to cool down the irritation and remember to moisture to avoid it drying out. Leave the scar alone to avoid any irritation that might cause even more scarring to occur.

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Silicone Adhesives 

Although silicone patches have varied results depending on the person, they have been effective for lightening, reducing, and preventing keloid scars.  

Silicone adhesives are attached to the scar throughout the day to increase hydration on the outer layer of the skin. This promotes fibroblast production and reduction in collagen synthesis to result in a flatter and softer scar. These adhesives are also effective for preventing any bacteria from interacting with the scar to avoid itching or irritation. Buy your silicone adhesives here.


Removing Keloid Scars Can Result in More Scars

Although there are procedures to remove keloid scars, there is a large chance of scarring during that procedure. When handling keloids, the main goal is to take preventative measures because once it forms, its very difficult to treat. If you are unsure if you have a keloid, ask a board-certified dermatologist today.

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