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Why should you screen your moles?

Dermatoscopes have revolutionized skin cancer screening and detection. Dermatoscopes are handheld devices used by dermatologists that have a magnifying lens and bright polarized light that allows visualization below the top layer of skin. The use of dermatoscopes are considered by many to be the standard of care for any evaluation of moles or possible skin cancers. By allowing dermatologists to peer beneath the top layer of skin, we are able to both avoid unnecessary biopsies of benign spots while identifying skin cancers that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. For example, moles that may look normal with the naked eye may have a pattern of pigmentation that could clue into the diagnosis of melanoma. Conversely, a mole that may look concerning at first can sometimes be identified as benign (or not a mole at all!) with the use of a dermatoscope.


Importance of Dermoscopy for Skin Cancer Screening Teledermatology vs teledermoscopy dermatoscope

The HÜD is the only mobile device that allows direct dermatoscopic interpretation by a dermatologist. This is critical because a dermatoscope is an essential portion of any complete evaluation for skin cancer. While a full body skin exam requires an in person consultation with a dermatologist, a mole-directed exam is something easily accomplished with the HÜD. You can buy a HÜD here Ask a dermatologist today!

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