How to get a skin assessment on Instagram with First Derm’s Instagram Messenger Bot

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blog, Bot

The demands on public healthcare increase as populations age. At the same time, better quality care can be made possible through medical and technological innovation with smartphones. 

First Derm’s accessible, safe, and effective platform is at the forefront of the Health revolution via mobile solutions. 

Our board-certified dermatologists give accurate information regarding the possible identity of your problem, the possible treatment options to consider, and if or when you should see your doctor in person. 

Anyone with an internet connection and a camera can use our service! With a web portal and iPhone app, First Derm acts as your mobile online dermatologist. Our dermatologists have seen hundreds of different skin conditions, from eczema to malignant melanomas. 

Now access to healthcare has become even easier with First Derm’s new medical innovation:  Instagram messenger bot, where you can now get an initial free online assessment. 




1. Open the Instagram app on your phone and go to First Derm’s profile

First Derm’s Instagram Profile

2. Click on “Message”.

3. When you get to the chat, you’ll see a “Start” button

Direct Message


4. Click there and let the magic begin

Once you have clicked on start, a message will appear with information on terms and conditions, data storage and the option to speak directly to an online dermatologist by redirecting you to the First Derm website.

First Derm Instagram Messenger Bot Conversation


5. The First Derm Chatbot will allow you to take a photo of your skin ailment

Try First Derm Skin Image Scanner


6. In a few moments, it will give you options of what it can be.

Upload Skin pictures

More information on your skin ailment


7. You can unsend your photo as soon as you get the answer: 

Once you have sent the picture, you have the option to eliminate it from the chat which will delete it from the First Derm anonymous database. You can do this by pressing the photo button that appears until a menu displays and choosing the delete option.

How to delete pictures you sent

Get an answer, then “unsend” to delete anything from our message box. Guaranteeing your anonymity – you the user is in control.


8. You can click on each option to read more about what it means: 

Examples of more information on your skin ailment

Pictures of skin ailment


9. If you want a more detailed assessment, you can ask an online dermatologist. 

When you select this option, you’ll get redirected to the First Derm website, where you can opt for any paid plans from $29.95. You will need to fill out the form and submit images of your skin condition once again. In order to follow up and review the case, you will be given an 8 digit case number to read your answer. The online dermatologists will carefully review your case and send you an answer with the possible identity and treatment choices of your skin condition.

First Derm’s Online Dermatologists

First Derm’s Online Form to get checked

Send your case for an online dermatologist to review

First Derm’s board-certified dermatologists are from the United States, Australasia and Europe and are dedicated to answer your queries, successfully answering cases from 160 countries in six different languages. 


See what others have to say about First Derm’s Instagram Messenger Bot

Read anonymous user reviews below about and get to know their experience:

  • “Instagram Messenger Bot was a useful tool to get more information on my skin condition. I liked the fact that it not only gave me different options on what I could have but also gave me in depth information on what each disease entailed. It’s far easier than a Google Search where the information pool is so big you don’t know where to begin. 
  • “This ChatBot has helped me with my skin problem in just a few minutes. I loved it. It’s so easy to use and that’s why I loved it so much. Give it a try”. 
  • “I’m not tech savvy, but with this Chat Bot I could easily resolve the problem I’m having in my skin right now. I liked the fact that I didn’t need to give out my personal information in order to use it, and it made me feel more comfortable”. 


First Derm Instagram Messenger Bot is great for giving peace of mind.

With 70% of cases requiring only a simple treatment, you’ll save a trip to the doctor’s office. Having this fast, easy to use free tool is inarguably convenient for users of all ages and helps to provide tangible information on any skin concern. However, the information received is to be used for medical guidance. It is not a definitive medical diagnosis or treatment plan, but rather steps that can be taken before a visit to the doctor is needed.

First Derm services bridges the gap between an internet search and an in-person dermatologist consultation. Surveys suggest that about 80% of internet users search online for information about their medical symptoms. Not only is this process time consuming, but it can often lead to misinformation. First Derm’s Instagram Messenger Bot brings the perfect solution for all netizens.

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