How Injectable Fillers Enhance Men’s Jawline

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Blog, Skin Care Routine


More men are approaching doctors asking for injectable fillers to enhance their jawline and chin. There is a high demand for a sharp, long, straight nose as well as prominent jawline. The reason for this high demand is that men with sharp jawlines are perceived as more competent, successful, and attractive.

Perhaps, a defined jawline can indicate attractiveness, but testosterone levels are the responsible for a defined jawline structure. However, the perception of attractiveness is very subjective and we are not focusing on that. 

Read what to consider, how the process is, and what you should do before getting an injectable filler treatment.


Considerations before treatment

More men are seeking treatment with botox or dermal fillers to get a well-defined jawline. While men are generally very confident when it comes to choosing an aesthetic clinician, they are usually less aware of the treatments available for them. Men who opt for chin and jawline treatment are often afraid of feminization of their face. Do not be afraid to ask questions to your doctor and be clear on what expectations and hopes you have about the outcomes of the procedure. You could show your practitioner pictures of celebrities to best explain what kind of look you want. 

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How to get the best results

Enhancing one’s features instead of creating from scratch is always the best strategy for best results. Fillers are preparations of hyaluronic acid (HA) which are injected in different areas to enhance features and balance face volumes. HA filler is often combined with other aesthetic treatments such as Botox injections to get desirable facial traits. It is paramount for your physician to know the main anatomical features of male face. 

Firstly, it is important to consider male face proportions. The face is ideally divided into three equal parts: the forehead (from hairline to eyebrows) should ideally occupy one third of the face, eyebrows to the bottom of the nose represents the second third, and the last portion measures from bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin. The bottom of the nose should be halfway between the eyes and the chin. The lower third of the face is the most likely to be out of proportion, and therefore its correction would result in a huge difference as it balances out the whole face. 

Secondly, the chin should always be accounted for. While in women the ideal chin is pointy and has a width as the width of the nose, in men it should be square and the width of the lips. Lastly, it is desirable for men to have a gonial angle (angle of the mandible) between 100*-120*. For women, this angle should be between 120*-140*.

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Taking care after the treatment 

After your treatment you should take good care of your newly sharp jawline. You should refrain from shaving for 48 hours after HA injection to lower the risk of infection. You must not massage your face after treatment as the filler takes some time to settle, and you do not want to move it around your face and waste your doctor’s skillful work! For this same reason you should also not sleep face down (FYI you should not do that in general to prevent wrinkles formation). Furthermore, do not drink any alcohol before or after your appointment to reduce bleeding and bruising risk. Ultimately, remember you should avoid excessive sweating, heat, saunas, and intense physical exercise for 7 days after procedure

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Are there any complications?

Common complications from dermal filler include swelling and bruising. However, these should disappear in a few days. You can gently apply some ice to the area, or your doctor may recommend you to take NSAID for pain relief. Allergic reactions to HA are rare.

However, if you experience any pain, excessive or not solved swelling and bruising, or a decrease in visual acuity you should immediately contact your doctor. Remember that you can ask our online dermatologists for a quick advice and recommendation on treatment options available to you.

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