The First Derm app has hit a new milestone: 50,000 downloads and over 7,500 submissions! iDoc24, the company behind First Derm, has created other successful dermatology apps such as STD Triage, but First Derm has become the flagship service, leading the way in popularity and accessibility.

First Derm is an app that allows you to evaluate any skin problem by sending your case to our team of dermatologists, anytime, anywhere. All information is kept anonymous, so you don’t have to register or make an account to use it. The case is stored in your phone for review — and with a few taps, you can pull up your completed evaluation to show your physician.

“We wanted to provide a more reliable and effective resource to help give peace of mind, and in many cases a guidance on, ‘what to do next,’ when that unexpected rash appears,” said Alexander Borve, CEO of iDoc24.

And that’s just what First Derm has done; over 7,500 people have sent in queries about their skin, allowing users to save time from going to the doctor and waiting for a diagnosis. Instead, they get a quick recommendation from our team, saving money and easing their concerns. Thousands of people with STDs, rashes, and signs of skin cancer have been able to get the quick treatment they needed after downloading our app.

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