Does Sleep Affect Your Skin?

by | Feb 9, 2020 | Blog, skincare


Sleeping is key to good skin

This week we’re covering one of the most important aspects of our daily lives: Sleep. As we all know, many of us struggle to switch off and almost all of us have been confronted with the importance of sleep.  Yes, there have been endless amounts of studies, documentaries and podcasts emphasising its importance but it only takes one bad night of sleep for you to appreciate sleeps importance first hand. Studies have demonstrated how vital sleep is for our brain function, wellbeing and general health but what about our skin? What impact does sleep have on our skin health?


Sleep Is Good For Your General Health

Lets start in an obvious place. Sleep is good for you. It helps your brain, body and skin in various ways. When sleeping, your body works to remove dead blood cells, brain cells and clears pathways for new synapses to take place. This way, new blood and brain cells can replace the old ones.

Not only is sleep itself important, but also good sleep. This seems fairly obvious but your brain can actually get rid of 60 percent more toxins when you sleep properly so its well worth making sure you’re getting quality sleep! This helps you feel refreshed in the morning and gives your skin a more refreshing glow. We know this can feel subjective but it’s true! More sleep = better skin…

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Sleep Affects Your Skins’ Moisture Levels

It has been proven that sleep does also scientifically impact your skin aside from giving you a ‘healthy glow’. When you fail to get a good night sleep, the moisture levels in your skin decrease and so does your complexions PH levels. This can make you look less ‘refreshed’.


When your skin’s PH levels drop, there is an imbalance that prevents your skin from producing the moisture it needs. This can cause dryness and redness due to inflammation.  It is, therefore, especially important to get a good nights rest if you’re suffering from dry skin.

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Lack of Sleep Can Cause Dark Circles

As mentioned before, sleep is the time for your body’s cells to regenerate. If you’re failing to get sufficient sleep, you’re not giving your body the opportunity to replenish with new cells and remove old ones. This can lead to dilation of the blood vessels – this will cause dark circles. Enough sleep will reduce the purple shadows under your eyes so get to bed in time! A nice trick is to go to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until you find yourself wide-awake for the entire day – this is roughly the time you need to get a complete nights sleep.

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Check Your Sheets

It should be relatively clear by now that sleep itself is vital to your skin health.  One area that you may have overlooked, however, is the bed you’re sleeping in. If your bed sheets are rough to touch this could be causing problems of its own. Any fabrics that aren’t soft will pull slightly on your skin throughout the night and this is enough to cause problems such as fine lines and wrinkles. Remember that a third of our time is spent sleeping so its always a good idea to invest in quality sheets – consider it a part of your skin routine. Silk and Prima cotton are always great options but anything with a higher thread count will help.

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Sleep Is Important

Sleep is the subject of many discussions and books and all lead to the same conclusion: its well worth getting sufficient and quality time in bed. Try to prioritise your sleep above using your phone in bed and late-nights working or watching television. Not only will it improve brain function and help you live longer, but it will also yield some fantastic results for your skin! Remember, if you have a rash, spot, mole or red mark you’re worried about we’re here to help, we have dermatologists on hand and even artificial intelligence technology to give you immediate answers to any skin concerns.  

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