First Derm joins Digital Garden powered by Almirall at the Barcelona Health Hub

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Almirall, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blog, News, Sexual Health


Happy Alexander Börve First Derm CEO with Almirall Digital Garden at Frontier Health in Berlin

Photo Credit Digital Garden Almirall


SAN FRANCISCO – BARCELONA, (19th November 2019) — First Derm were one of the Digital Garden powered by Almirall winners for their BtoB API AUTODERM® solution; a dermatology search engine using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The competition was held at the Berlin Frontiers Health conference, with top tier venture capital judges in the panel. 


“We are so excited to have been selected to work closely with Almirall during the next nine months” says Dr Alexander Börve, CEO of First Derm. “Almirall will be a fantastic pharmaceutical dermatology partner. In their portfolio they have the range of skin disease medications that our search engine can give answers to. We have been in talks with several pharmaceutical companies over the years, and we’re very proud to partner with Almirall – a company that has shown great dedication to supporting the digital health industry.” 


AUTODERM’s 3rd algorithm has been trained on a neural network with over 120 000 smartphone skin images on 43 skin disease classes, ranging from inflammatory diseases, skin cancer and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Almirall is focused on Acne, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Actinic Keratosis, which are diseases that the AUTODERM® can analyze.


Potential business partners that would use the API, range from anyone with a skin disease user base; like telemedicine platforms, health chatbots, health information websites and pharmacies, that need an instant dermatology search tool. Instead of using an online search engine submitting a text description and get photos back, users submit a skin disease image and receive five ranked answers.


First Derm will take full advantage of the expertize at Almirall such as furthering their research and distributing their API to Almirall’s network. Having access to Almirall’s team of mentors will allow for deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and potential for rapid growth of the AUTODERM®  AI database, with an opportunity to collaborate on a commercial level.


A stones throw from the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain, First Derm is now part of the Barcelona Health Hub, which is situated in the beautiful buildings of the old Hospital Sant Pau. 



About First Derm: Incorporated as iDoc24 Inc, is a Techstars and Skydeck alumn. They lead the mobile health revolution by empowering users to submit skin concerns anonymously to board-certified dermatologists with photos and a description from anywhere in the world. Their new product called AUTODERM® is a search engine API on skin diseases, with a BtoB model (AI As A Service).


About Digital Garden powered by Almirall:  Allows start-ups focused on developing innovative technology-based services and solutions to accelerate their go-to-market process and to play a relevant role in facing some of the dermatology present and future challenges.

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