Dermatology Near Me

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Dermatology near me

As our lifestyles change in an ever growing technological age. So do our habits. From grocery shopping to pharmacies there is a clear shift to relying on online services. Dermatology is no different and for most of us, looking for a ‘dermatology service near me’ is one of our most frequent derm related searches. Could this be set to change? 


Do I Need A Dermatology Service Near Me

Technology changes things quickly and our behaviour both on and offline is changing with it. The internet of old was effectively used as a directory tool so most of us would search for services ‘near us’. It goes without saying that ten years ago, perhaps even sooner, if you had a rash, spot or mark that needed to be checked, we would have to rely on local services to be treated. However, now that the entire world is moving online at an increasing speed, perhaps there is less of a need to see your dermatologist in person. 


Dermatology Online 

It’s true that in most cases you simply can’t beat a face to face appointment. Unfortunately, however, due to strains on our worlds health services, it isn’t all that easy. Seeing a dermatologist can not only take a long time but can also be costly. There are even studies with dermatologists that demonstrate the challenges that clinics face with high waiting times. Fortunately this dynamic is changing with the introduction of online services such as ours. 

With an online dermatology service you are now able to see a board-certified dermatologist almost immediately. This means no long-winded affair in seeing your local GP and hoping for a referral. Equally, the costs are lower too. Without having to cover high costs such as a clinic, dermatologists are able to see their patients more quickly and efficiently online. This allows for reduced overheads which means savings can be passed on to the consumer (you!). 


Could Technology Make Dermatology More Efficient? 

Searching for ‘dermatology near me’ is not going away, and many of us rely on ‘offline’ services such as these to get by. Therefore, if online dermatology isn’t an option for you, could technology improve conditions, waiting times and costs for offline services?

The short answer is yes! We have a perfect example of this here at First Derm. Our Autoderm AI technology has been developed to support dermatologists and help you better understand your own skin directly. AI may seem like a scary subject left to the likes of films such as the Matrix but it is proving to be a very useful tool for the healthcare industry. 

As an example our AI is able to accurately provide results on 43 skin diseases. The user, GP or dermatologist simply uploads an image of the skin concern and our AI does the rest. Five results are provided in order of probability. This provides GPs with the tools they need to make better decisions and you, the user, a chance to understand your own skin before proceeding with a medical diagnosis. 

In all, dermatology near me may become a thing of the past as we move closer and closer to an online world. If you have a skin concern that you’d like to get checked then be sure to speak to one of our board-certified dermatologists for immediate relief. Alternatively our AI can be fun for checking spots and moles and is of course free of charge. 

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