Dermatologist Near Me? Not Likely…

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Dermatologist Near Me? Not Likely.

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At some point in our lives, us or somebody we know will see a spot, rash, cyst or something unusual on their skin. As recent studies have shown, the most accurate advice will come from a dermatologist.  In today’s world, when we notice that spot, the next obvious step we take is to google ‘dermatologist near me’ or ‘dermatology clinic near me’. Unfortunately, however, we can often be let down by the results. So, why are there no dermatologists near me? What are the alternatives if you can’t find a local dermatologist?

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Why is it difficult to see a Dermatologist?

There are various factors that make it difficult to see a dermatologist. Lets take a look at the facts…

  • Demand is high. On average, every person has 1.6 skin diseases per year. This could be anything from rashes to spots or cysts. This means there are a lot of people in need of some kind of help with their skin. Combine this with the challenges your family doctor faces and we can already see an emerging issue – 20% of family doctor cases are related to skin and 50% of Family doctor diagnoses are incorrect.
  • Lack Of Dermatologists. This may amaze you, but there are only 150,000 Dermatologists in the entire world! In the US this means the dermatologist to patient ratio is 1 in every 32,000 and in the UK it is as high as 1 in every 150,000.
  • 32 + Days Average Waiting time. If you have tried for an appointment with a dermatologist before, this one may not surprise you, on average you will be waiting over 30 days to see a dermatologist, and if the condition is serious this can be life threatening.
  • Skin Cancer is on the rise. To add to our demand concerns, we also have skin cancer to contend with. An average of 5% increase each year is putting extra strain on dermatologists and the health service – these patients need to be treated immediately which leaves your painful rash further down the priority list.

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What is the solution?

There are many discussions taking place within dermatology and health care to try and remedy this issue. A concerning problem is that now, over 80% of people who use the Internet have turned to their web browser as an attempt to self-diagnose their skin condition. The problem is, over half of these self-diagnoses are wrong and can lead to worsened conditions or even further strain on our health services.

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Can Technology Help Us Treat Skin Conditions? 

With many people looking online to resolve their problems, more often than not in desperation, there is clearly a need to move services online to accommodate people’s typical behaviour.

At First Derm we have an online dermatology service that gives you the opportunity to be checked by a dermatologist within 3 hours. This is a great way to resolve any serious concerns and since the majority of skin conditions can be treated over the counter this is a quick and easy solution.

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Can Technology Go Further With AI?

The short answer is yes. Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and its not here to control our lives like the Matrix! We have been treating skin conditions for almost ten years and with this we have been able to collect valuable anonymous data on skin conditions, how they look and where they typically appear. Through this AI technology, we are able to provide results with 80% accuracy on over 30 skin conditions. No dermatologist needed and results are provided in 0.2 seconds. You can test our skin image search anonymously and for free and see the results for yourself!

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