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Top Tips To Protect From The Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus has whipped up a media frenzy that doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. Although there is no real reason to panic, there are many things we can do to make things easier during this trying time. The most important recommendation and advice can be found on the CDC website. That said, there are some clever tricks and Coronavirus tips we can use to reduce our chances of being infected or causing infection.

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Use Online Services


We’re now in the digital age and despite its many flaws it actually could prove to be very beneficial in a time where close contact should be avoided. Online services are your friend and the Coronavirus (covid-19) is a pretty good excuse to stay at home and make the most of the online sphere.


Some of your best online options:


Food Shopping  – At this stage there’s no real cause to avoid going outside completely so we’ll say it’s a little extreme to completely avoid the supermarket. That said, if you have underlying health concerns and you would rather not risk it then food shopping online is a great way to avoid the public and the frenzy!


Health Services– This is an online service we would recommend using immediately. You’re unlikely to bump into an infected person at the supermarket at this stage but if there’s anywhere that could put you at risk, it’s visiting the doctors or the hospital. Fortunately there are some fantastic online services you can use if you’re suffering. Take our online dermatology services for example. In times like this it is best to avoid bringing high-risk people such as children and the elderly into high-risk areas such as hospitals. If you notice a rash, a spot, bump or mole that concerns you or a loved one then our board-certified dermatologists can give you an answer within hours. Not only does this mean you can avoid potentially infected areas, but you can also ease the strain on our health services – they need all the help they can get at this stage.


Retail– Admittedly, most of us are doing our retail shopping online these days thanks to big players such as Amazon. The recommendation is to avoid crowded places so doing your retail shopping online would make a lot of sense in a time like this.

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Work From Home


A frequently repeated coronavirus tip. If possible, working from home is a great way to avoid public contact. Many companies are now introducing contingency plans to support their staff in working from home. If this is an option available to you then we suggest taking it. By doing this you can effectively quarantine yourself to prevent infection and infecting others.


Stop Shaking Hands


Opt for the elbow! At First Derm we’ve taken to shaking hands with an elbow bump. Online you may have seen videos of people dancing and tapping each other’s feet.  Whatever it may be, try to avoid shaking hands and hugging where possible. This is an easy way for the virus to spread.



Follow CDC Guidelines


There are many quick and alternative coronavirus tips we can use to avoid public spaces and the spread of infection. We would consider these to be secondary to the key guidelines that are put forward by the CDC:


  • Wash your hands regularly and with sanitizer
  • Avoid shaking hands
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth and eyes
  • Older people and people with chronic conditions should take special care
  • If you notice symptoms isolate at home and speak to your local hospital



We would like to reiterate that panic is not the way forward at a time like this, nor is it necessary. It is important that we all take a practical approach to preventing the spread of the virus. Use some of the advice we have outlined above and practice good hygiene.

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