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Skin Reactions to Vaccination

Allergic reactions to vaccinations are not always common but they can happen. Usually its nothing to worry about. Learn more here.

Life Threatening Skin Rashes

Although rare, there are some life threatening skin rashes out there that could be the sign of something serious. Learn more about that rash!

Does Vitamin D help to fight COVID-19?

Vitamin D is important in regulation and suppression of the inflammatory cytokine response, which causes the severe consequences of COVID-29 and ‘acute respiratory distress syndrome’ associated with ventilation and death.

Chilblains – Pernio – Chill burns

Chilblains are also known as pernio or chill burns, they occur in predisposed individual when exposed to cold and humidity, causing tissue damage

Quarantine. Now Is The Time To Derm Online

Quarantine. Now Is The Time To Derm Online

In the midst of the current Coronavirus pandemic and the new advice to remain indoors under self-isolation or ‘quarantine’ we’re here to drive home the importance of online medical services.  More than ever, online medical services will play a vital role in the future of our health. Our expertise is dermatology and skincare, so if you’re in quarantine and concerned about your skin then look no further. Here are some of the top reasons you should be using teledermatology services. Especially during a pandemic such as Covid-19.

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Coronavirus Top Tips

Coronavirus Top Tips

The coronavirus has whipped up a media frenzy that doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. Although there is no real reason to panic, there are many things we can do to make things easier during this trying time

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