Summer Skin Care: 3 Steps Everybody Dealing With Body Acne Should Know

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Acne, Blog

It’s finally summer! And we can’t wait to hit the beaches and pool parties for the weekend. However, you want to get rid of that bacne (a.k.a. body acne) so you can wear sport that tank top or swimsuit. To prepare for that summer skin and body, here are some preventative or remedies to take with you for the summer:

Confirm with a dermatologist about your bacne.


Step 1: Long Hair, Don’t Care

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If you have long hair, then your hair may be what is causing your body acne. Imagine how many hair products you add during and after your shower routines. All those oils and chemicals are now transferring to your skin throughout the day. These hair-to-skin interactions are what clogged and inflamed pores in our skins. Even people who wash their hair to rinse out chemicals and oils in their hair product every day may still experience acne breakout caused by ingredients in their shampoos and conditioner.

If you wash your hair every other day, consider washing it every day as the bacteria and natural oils of your hair may clog up your pores. Avoid products that include detergents, like sulfate, as it strips away moisture from your skin, which causes an overproduction of oil to compensate for the moisture loss.

Seeing how long hair is potentially causing bacnes, some people go as far as to cut their hair short. But not everyone can make that sacrifice. As an alternative, switching hair products like your shampoo or conditioner can make a drastic difference on your bacne.

Step 2: Back to the Basics

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This may seem like a simple routine for most people, but you would be surprised how complicated hygiene can get. Not all skin types are the same, so your hygienic routine may not be as ‘hygienic’ for other people.

In most cases, sweat is one of the biggest culprits of body acne. Bacteria in your sweat will stick to your clothes regardless what you do in the day and will cause an acne breakout. We encourage you to change your clothes after you’re done with any physical activities.

Sleeping in clean clothes, instead of to the clothes you wear in the day, will also help prevent bacteria interacting with your skin. And of course, because hair is a factor of body acne, try washing your shower towels often or using completely separate towels for your hair and body.

Step 3: Stronger is Not Always Better

Summer Skin Care: The Do’s and Don’ts of Treating Post-Inflammatory Erythema cleanser toner

Many people assume that using the strongest exfoliants and cleansers out in the market would cure their acne. But body acne should be treated similarly to facial acne. Using harsh products will only further irritate and dry out your skin.

Make sure you’re using the right cleansers that are gentle enough for your skin, yet strong enough to battle the acne. How? Take a closer look at the ingredients: salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are acid ingredients may help target acne and bacteria. Pro Tip: New users of these ingredients may want to start off at a low percentage (2.5%), because strong percentages (10%+) may irritate and strip the moisture off your skin. Consult with board certified dermatologist before you decide to find treatment for you acne.


We understand how difficult it is to battle acne, especially when not all products or regimes work for everybody. Patience is necessary to find the right products and right answers for you. If you have tried everything, your acne may be something beyond external factors. Genetics and Internal factors can also trigger the development of body acne and may require help from a dermatologist.

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