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Autoderm AI for Telegram

Here at First Derm our aim is to improve the lives of patients suffering from skin diseases. From Eczema, Rosacea, Ringworm to Skin Cancer and even STDs, our motive has always been to make dermatology more accessible to the general public.

This journey started with easy-to-access dermatologists through our online platform First Derm. Our platform serves as a solution to long waiting times and costly dermatology appointments, where often as many as 70% can be answered from just a picture and OTCs from your pharmacy. Asking a dermatologist has never been easier and more readily available at your convenience.

We have since developed our dermatology services through advances in technology and developed a skin ailment search engine using artificial intelligence (AI) that we have named Autoderm.

The Autoderm search engine on skin ailments has taken many years of machine learning (ML) development. Including images that have been looked at by our dermatologists, experiments by our engineers and clinical research. We provide Autoderm AI as an API, that can be integrated into any platform, app or website. Today it is used as diagnostic decision support tool by clinicians ranging from the NHS in the UK to Swedish clinics, hospitals and even clinics in Japan. It has also been available for free to the public on our website as a skin disease search engine to compare their skin ailment to our image database and guide them to the next steps in getting relief. 

In light of this, we have integrated the Autoderm AI API into the Telegram messenger app as a bot. Just like our WeChat service, through your Telegram messenger app on your smartphone, you will be able to use our bot with ease on 43 different skin concerns. These skin concerns represent 90% of the skin diseases the general public have.


What is the Autoderm bot?

A bot is short for Robots, it is a software application that runs automated tasks (scripts) over the Internet that mimic humans tasks that are simple and repetitive.

We did extensive research with health chat bots and in general they are good, but they take some patience to come to a final health answer, and for skin ailments they were not so accurate.

Autoderm, however, is an AI API that has been trained on a deep convoluted neural network with 100,000s images of skin diseases. It accurately provide results on the 43 most common skin diseases from just a photo.

With the Autoderm AI API we integrated it into the Telegram messenger and created a bot @autodermbot. It is freely available and lets users upload a skin ailment and receive an answer within seconds. 


How does it work?

The beauty of our Autoderm bot is in its simplicity. It is deliberately designed to recognize an image taken with your smartphone. No professional photographers or complex microscopes are required!

        Autoderm Bot Telegram messenger app                              Autoderm Bot Telegram messenger search                

Here is a step-by-step guide to using our Autoderm bot:

  1. Download the Telegram messaging app
  2. Search for Autoderm in the search and add
  3. Start the chat and take a clear photo that represents your skin concern
  4. Upload your image
  5. Wait for a moment whilst we compare your image with our database
  6. 5 skin disease results are provided in order of what it thinks it is


We showcase the top 5 results in order of most closely matched like a search engine would do, when you do a search. You will then be able to read more on the respective skin diseases to help guide you to a correct answer and the steps you need to take to get relief.


Autoderm Bot Telegram messenger start   Autoderm Bot Telegram messenger upload image    Autoderm Bot Telegram messenger 5 answers


Each skin disease result has a link to the relevant skin disease article within our skin guide. This includes more in-depth images and concise information written by our dermatologists. This is all available for you to learn more about your skin ailment and compare images.


           Autoderm Bot Telegram messenger skin guide                          Autoderm Bot Telegram messenger Ask Online dermatologist


Who is Autoderm for?

Our Autoderm AI API is already used by medical professionals as a triage service across the world. However, we believe that we should all have better access to information on our skin ailments instantly.

The Autoderm AI API is therefore open to all users and we hope that by making this accessible to you on Telegram encourages you to check your skin, for any spots or rashes quickly. This could prove to be a life-saving difference for some patients and will also save doctors and dermatologists many hours of precious time.

You can read the story on our CEO on “How my own technology gave me a scare with skin-cancer.” 

Give our @Autodermbot a test on Telegram messenger today and see how it can help you!

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