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Navigating a healthcare system can be a daunting task, let alone a foreign one. Imagine you are on an international business trip and you suddenly develop a skin condition. What would you do? James is a native to the United Kingdom, and this summer he was on a business trip for 3 months working with the San Francisco-based start up CLX Networks. Ask a dermatologist today! Here is his story: It happened as soon as I arrived in San Francisco. The first day of my trip I had developed a red and itchy mark near my ear. It was really quite sudden, I didn’t know what it was or how I got it.

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Healthcare in the United States

I considered my stateside options. On my last trip to the States I had a bad tooth ache and needed to see a dentist. I contacted my travel insurance and they said it would be $700 for the check up as well as a copay. Frustrated, I decided to forgo the dental appointment and toughed it out until I got home. I have friends who have had even worse experiences. They’ve needed to get emergency treatment in the States — One of them is still on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars for her medical bills.

From my perspective I had two options: go to a dermatologist here (which could take months and cost a ton of money) or use a dermatology app that a friend had recommended. So in the spirit of being in Silicon Valley, I decided to give the app a shot. I downloaded First Derm, took two pictures of my rash, filled out some information, and submitted the case. It was a one time credit card payment of $25. Within two hours my First Derm doctor had let me know that it was eczema. He gave me some pointers on how to avoid common triggers and recommended a hydrocortisone treatment.

All in all First Derm was great because their advice let me effectively treat my rash at home. I got my results in a few hours and I went to the local pharmacy to pick up some hydrocortisone.  Sure enough after a couple weeks of applying the cream as directed by First Derm the rash went away. Ask a dermatologist today!

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 I’m so glad I was able to take care of my rash without waiting or spend a fortune. I now wholeheartedly recommend First Derm to anyone like me who has to travel regularly. Ask a dermatologist today!

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