Almirall Dermatology Forms New Technology Partnerships

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Almirall, Blog, Dermatologist, News, Research


Exciting news has emerged in the dermatology sector for Almirall as they partner with both 23andme and WuXI Biologics to enhance their data backed dermatological decision-making.

Who are 23andme?

23andme provide genetic insights for their customers by performing genetic tests using home-testing kits and your saliva. Their technology has identified monoclonal antibodies using the research conducted on genetic material of their customers’ small protein blocks – known as IL-36 cytokines. These small proteins are linked to skin conditions such as psoriasis and lupus; and other inflammatory conditions such as ulcerative colitis, IBS and crohn’s disease.

Who are Wuxi Biologics?

In a similar vain to 23andme, WuXI Biologics are effectively a leading global open-access biologics technology platform offering end-to-end solutions to empower organizations to discover, develop and manufacture biologics from concept to commercial manufacturing. They also have their own antibody platform known as WuXIBody™. This will allow Almirall to produce medication specific to their research findings with the WuXIBody technology.

What will Almirall Do?

For Almirall this is a huge opportunity to continue advancing their Dermatology endeavors just as they have with their AI movements alongside Autoderm.  With this agreement, Almirall have now secured the rights to develop and commercialise this newly researched antibody for use in treatments on a global scale.

Their plan is to utilise this new technology to find new molecules and develop atopic medicines for patients. As referenced by Bhushan Hardas, MD,MBA, Chief Scientific Officer at Almirall:

This agreement is a big step forward for us in our objective in becoming a leader in biologic medical dermatology treatments. With WuXi Biologics technology platform and our long experience and understanding in the area of dermatology, we will be able to identify new molecules with the potential to become optimal alternative therapies for patients with atopic dermatology.”

Almirall have made it clear they plan to develop the antibody through clinical trials in humans and then onto the market. As for 23andme, this deal marks the first successful licensing agreement between them and a drug developer – a huge step forward for the company as they aim to prove they can do more than obtain biological identities from willing participants.

In all, this showcases the importance and emphasis Almirall are putting into dermatology technology. The future will be dictated by technological advances in some of the most strenuous areas of healthcare such as Dermatology, where waiting times can often exceed 3 months.  If you’re in need of an immediate check for a concerning skin issue, you can give our free AI technology a try too.

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