Developer Saves Brother With AI Mole Checker

by | May 7, 2020 | Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blog, Spotcancer


AI Mole and Skin Condition Checker

More often than not, we spend our time pointing out rashes, spots and skin concerns. This is either through our service or right here on our blog. Our aim is always to try and help you out as we all try to navigate through the tricky world that is our skin. Today, we’re thankful that we can share a positive story with you! 


Our AI Skin and Mole Checker 

As you may or may not already know, we work hard to make dermatologists more easily available and affordable to all of our patients and readers. We already have a well established network of board-certified dermatologists ready to take on any skin concern within hours. This fast-acting service can make the difference especially if you’re concerned about a potentially cancerous mole or spot. 

Over time, we have noticed that our skills could translate into something bigger. This is what we aim to achieve with our Rash, Mole and Spot checking artificial intelligence (AI). It sounds complex, but the tool could not be more simple to use!

  1. Take a good quality focused picture with your smartphone of the skin concern
  2. You upload the picture
  3. Our Artificial Intelligence goes to work in comparing your image to our vast database
  4. Within a second you have results on the top 5 most likely skin conditions 

It really is that simple. Not only is it fast, its 80% accurate and completely free for you to try. So this brings us to our developer Ricardo… 


Developer Uses AI To Check Up On His Brother 

One of our developers here at First Derm, Ricardo noticed a suspicious mole on his brothers back. Like many of us, it can be difficult to understand what a cancerous mole is (try our cancerous mole quiz to learn more). More often than not, we have to compare with images online and then seek the advice of a dermatologist as quickly as possible. 



Fortunately, Ricardo used our AI service and the mole was flagged as a potential case of Melanoma. This meant that his brother could immediately seek medical care and have the suspicious mole removed at an early stage before the cancer developed (95% survival rate if caught early). 

In effect, our AI eliminates the lengthy comparison process that we can often get wrong when trying to self-diagnose. It’s essentially like comparing images in reverse. Rather than finding images and then comparing to your own, simply upload your image and let us do the work for you by comparing to hundreds of thousands of images within seconds. 

Try out our FREE Mole Checker here


AI in Dermatology – Where Next? 

AI is bound to play an important role in our lives in the near future. In most cases, just like ours, it is not designed to ‘replace’ medical professionals, but rather help them to do their job more efficiently and accurately. As our AI demonstrated, it is a great triage tool, capable of checking the severity and potential condition that is causing a skin rash, mole or spot. This means that a medical professional (or even a developer checking his brother!) can then take immediate action, to protect or treat their patient quickly should they need to. 

If this has sparked your interest, then you can read more on the accuracy of our AI vs a doctor and even how it may play its part in the coronavirus crisis. 

Try out our FREE Mole Checker here

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