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AI Dermatology Powered: Skin Image Search™ for Identifying Skin Diseases

AI Dermatologist at your fingertips: Get insights on potential skin conditions from your photos and take informed next steps

ai dermatology powered skin image search is a class 1 medical device

Note: AI Dermatology powered – Skin Image Search™ is CE-marked as a Class 1 Medical Device and registered with MHRA, offering insights on potential skin conditions. For definitive diagnosis, always consult a doctor or a dermatologist.

The current AI model operates on version 1.1 for screening common skin diseases. For extended coverage, try our advanced version 2.1. Developers and healthcare providers can integrate our AI dermatologist API for enhanced functionalities.

Instant Insights with AI Dermatology Search – Free & Fast

Get powerful insights in 1 second with our state-of-the-art AI

How Skin Image Search Works

Upload a picture of the concerned skin area from your smartphone or desktop.

Ensure the image is in focus with good lighting conditions.

Clearly center the area of concern and have parts of a body part in the image.

If it’s a single lesion, capture a focused close-up. If the issue is widespread, capture an image that best represents the concern.

*For more tips on how to take a high-quality photo, read our Best Practices Guide.

Receive results within 1 second

Instantly, Skin Image Search™ compares your image to our database of thousands of images and presents you with a list of the top five potential skin conditions, accompanied by insights about each. Gain a comprehensive understanding of potential skin concerns with our advanced AI evaluation.

Skin Image Search Benign mole ©First Derm
ai dermatologist - skin image search result screens

AI Dermatologist can screen for a range of Skin Conditions

Trained using thousands of skin images, Skin Image Search can identify more than 90 percent of the most commonly searched-for skin conditions. 

And we’re not stopping there! Our image search technology continually evolves, ensuring you benefit from the latest advancements in AI dermatology. 

AI Dermatologist for identifying skin cancer

Skin Image Search™, your AI mole checker, facilitates early detection of skin cancer by offering immediate initial assessments, making preliminary skin cancer screening accessible to all.

Early Detection Made All the Difference: From AI Assessment to Life-Saving Treatment

“I noticed an unusual mole on my sister’s back and immediately turned to Skin Image Search™. The AI assessed the mole and suggested it could be melanoma. We took the advice seriously and consulted a dermatologist, who confirmed the early-stage melanoma diagnosis. Thankfully, it was promptly removed, averting a major health crisis.”

– Anonymous user

Join Over a 500,000 Users Trusting AI Dermatology with Skin Image Search™

Experience trusted AI technology, prioritizing your privacy.

565,000 Users

Join a large and growing user base that uses Skin Image Search™ for skin condition insights.

1,000,000+ Scans Conducted

With millions of scans already performed, you’re in expert hands when you choose our AI dermatology platform

AI Dermatologist for Identifying Common Skin Concerns

Skin Image Search™ provides quick, initial skin assessments for a wide spectrum of skin concerns

Finding Peace of Mind with Swift AI Insights

“I had growing concerns about some unusual pimples in a private area. Thanks to Skin Image Search™, I found out they were Molluscum contagiosum (Water warts) — not a serious condition. I can’t express how much relief and clarity this smart, free AI service gave me. Truly grateful.”

– Anonymous user

Your Privacy Matters: Secure AI Dermatology with Skin Image Search™

We are committed to upholding ethical AI practices that prioritize user privacy and data security.

We comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can read more in the Terms and conditions.

You are anonymous!
We do not collect any personal information, like IP address, email, name or phone number
Minimal Data Collection
Only two skin condition images are required
No Account Hassles

No account creation, signup, or registration required to use our service

Frequently Asked Questions: All About AI Dermatology with Skin Image Search™

What is Skin Image Search?

Skin Image Search is your AI-driven dermatology search companion. With the power of the Autoderm API, it quickly analyzes your images and presents the top five potential skin conditions. For a deeper understanding, explore detailed information on each condition and consult with a board-certified dermatologist if needed.

How Does Skin Image Search™ Stand Out from Internet Searches?

Skin Image Search isn’t just a search engine—it’s your instantaneous guide to potential skin conditions. Unlike regular text searches, it provides rapid, pertinent details. Plus, you get results in an impressive average time of 1 second.

Who's Eligible to Use Skin Image Search?

Anyone seeking information about a visible skin condition can benefit from our AI dermatology tool. You only need a smartphone to snap a photo of the concerned area and an active internet connection. From capturing to insights, the journey is typically under 1 second, this tool is incredibly efficient and requires no prior expertise.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the capability of machines to imitate human-like functions such as reasoning, learning, and problem-solving. Computers equipped with AI are designed to perceive their environment, process the gathered information, and take actions to fulfill certain goals. As they operate, many AI systems can learn and enhance their performance over time.

Why is AI Important?

Artificial Intelligence, with its capacity to emulate human-like traits such as reasoning and problem-solving, is at the forefront of digital transformation in our society. Its applications are not only revolutionizing our daily experiences but also driving unprecedented advancements, especially in enhancing the accessibility and progression of medical tools. The potential for AI’s impact on our future is vast and ever-growing.


What Insights Does the Latest Research Offer?

Google’s research affirms AI’s capability in accurately pinpointing skin conditions, rivaling the expertise of certified dermatologists. At First Derm, our AI extends this capability, distinguishing up to 44 varied skin conditions. Dive into more details.

Are There Any Limitations?

Skin Image Search is an informative guide, not a diagnostic entity. For symptoms beyond skin anomalies, such as fever or overall rashes, always consult a healthcare expert. Our mission is to provide educational insights, guiding you towards accurate diagnosis and treatment. Note: This isn’t suitable for animal diagnoses.

Access AI Dermatology On-the-Go, Right from Your Existing Apps

No additional downloads, no hassle—just instant, reliable insights into your skin’s health on the move

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Integrating the Latest AI Dermatology into Your Service

Experience our Advanced AI Model: Version 2.1

Our current AI model, version 1.1, efficiently screens for the 44 most prevalent skin diseases. But if you’re keen to experience even more comprehensive results, try our latest version 2.1, which identifies up to 68 common skin conditions. Explore the future of AI dermatology and sign up for our API at Autoderm.

Unlock Seamless API Integration

Whether you’re a developer, healthcare provider, wellness app creator, or an online pharmacy that frequently encounters skin conditions, why not enhance your services with the expertise of an AI dermatologist? Join our growing partner network and seamlessly integrate our state-of-the-art API into your app or website.

Latest in AI Dermatology

Dive into the latest advancements shaping AI in dermatology
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