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Securely pay the dermatologist fee by credit card. With First Derm your data is completely anonymous and secure.


Within 24 hours a board-certified dermatologist will reply with professional information on: The possible identity of your condition, first step treatment option, if or when you should make a doctor’s appointment.

The average wait to see a dermatologist in the US is 29 days. Ask our dermatologists for peace of mind in just hours.

Skin problems are very common with children. Our dermatologists will give you the information you need for next steps and peace of mind as a parent.

First Derm is available wherever you are. Ask our dermatologists when you’re on the go.

Meet the Dermatologists

First Derm is available wherever you are. Your case will be answered by a top board-certified dermatologist in your area. Together the dermatology team speaks 6 languages and has helped users from 160 countries. Meet a few of them here.

Dr. John Paoli


Dr. Johnathan Bowling


Dr. Brian Matthys


Dr. Eric Ehrsam


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For many skin problems a visit to the dermatologist is not necessary, but some should be checked out immediately. Our dermatologists will help you decide on the appropriate next steps for your skin issue.

Save Time

The average wait time to see a dermatologist is 29 days. With First Derm you get an answer within 24 hours.

Save Money

Asking a First Derm dermatologist starts at $25, compared to the average cost of $120 for a dermatologist visit.

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